“The party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”

– George Orwell,

from “1984”


YOU still have two chances to catch Kilgore College theater students’ stage adaptation of Orwell’s dystopian classic. After opening Wednesday in Van Cliburn Auditorium, the cast in director Micah Goodding’s show will take the stage again at 7:30 p.m. tonight and, finally, at the same time Sunday.

STANDS to reason the rain and cold weather, gone so very long, would announce themselves with what sounded like six simultaneous blasts of thunder about 3:15 a.m. Friday morning. Appropriate fanfare, we think.

SPEAKING of fanfare, we’re proud to wish Erma Meador a second, now belated, Happy Birthday.

BORN Oct. 9, 1910, the 109-year-old Arabella of Kilgore resident was a couple of days old when then former-U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt flew in an airplane for the first time. (The first mid-air collision had occurred days before on Oct. 1).

KILGORE Emergency Communications Supervisor Jan Vestal asks us to remind you: the city has its regular warning siren test scheduled for noon Wednesday, Oct. 16, unless there’s foul weather.

IN case you missed the news, Sept. 1 marked a new law (among many passed by Texas legislators this year and signed by Gov. Greg Abbott) that finally, officially, deservedly established emergency dispatchers as first responders. It’s more than just a different designation, more than just acknowledging the reality of their duty – they’re now eligible for benefits long denied them including mental health services to help them face the tragic circumstances they help others survive constantly.

“If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have at least to consider the possibility that we have a small aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands.”

– Douglas Adams


October 12: Amy White, Stoney Lake, Charles Raby, Kim Elerick, Cletis Guthrie, Janice Moore, Mike Pierce, David Mount, Wendy Bohem, Scott Haines, Michael Shelton Rodgers, Sharon Clark, Steve Yocom, Jeremy Joiner, Luther F. Swan, Briggett Lewis, Karen Moore, Jacqueline McCarthy, Windy Glidden, Lauren Tate Long, Blake Banda, Christain Head

October 13: Matthew Chase Headley, Shelly Lowrey, Luke Hill, Tina Hill, Beth Jackson, Chase Barrett, Glenn Martin, David Tippett, Cathy Baker, Robbie Montgomery, Dana Lear, Joey Cubine, Cindy Stovall, Diane Beckworth, Luther Dockery, Tori Lynette Wade, Rev. R.L. Williams, Keysha and Keyshun Russell, Kristina King, Brandon Reynolds, Shawn and Shea Reynolds, Joan Morton, Ron Garcia, Renee Gatons

October 14: Christopher O’Neal, Elizabeth Whitehead, Mickey Turner, Dr. Michael McShan, Holli Crouch Johnson, Steve Dean, Michael Renfro, James H. Spencer, Mrs. Alvin Harvey, Chris Hillhouse, Julia Powell, Janet Biggs, Jeff Hughes, Jeremy Wesson, Terry George, Kimberly Floyd, Karl Hunter, Roy Austin, Brant Brantley, Dave Adamson, Andrea Willey

October 15: Greg Collins, Clarence Laird, Tommy Cook, Christi Dodgen, Lyle Sedbery, Billie Ann Hall, Tonya and Sonya Wilson, Mason Nestleroad, Oudia Smylie, Zunie Stovall, Denise Stalcup Bingham, Kyle Carpenter, Anita Ragan, Robert Dahlstrom, Misty Wilson, Shelby Wilson Manker, Tracey Cundieff, Shalia D’Ann Clayton, Linda Lundgren, Donna Hargrave Pollock, Guy Hargrave


October 12: Mr. and Mrs. Willie Powe, Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Meyer, George and Robbie Boren, Steve and Carmela Herring

October 13: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Graves, Dave and Sue Newborne

October 15: Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Traxler, Mr. and Mrs. Thurmon Polk



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