“It ain’t the heat, it’s the humility.”

– Yogi Berra

THERE are more than a thousand official Loch Ness Monster encounters on record. Per WaPo, “The reports go back as far as 565 A.D., when an Irish saint is said to have saved a man from being attacked by a river monster.”

WOULD you believe, despite this preponderance of evidence, New Zealand geneticist Neil Gemmell and researchers wanted further proof. They’ve since analyze DNA in 250 water samples from the loch.

PER the team, there’s no evidence of genetic material from prehistoric reptiles (those are kept off the coast of Costa Rica) or other out-of-place critters, but there were a lot of traces of eels. Harumph.

WE want to give a shout-out to Dr. Terry Ray, DVM, not just for his stellar treatment of all creatures great and small, but also for his new addition to the Rockbrook neighborhood. After adopting one of Jessica & Bill Woodall’s leftover news stands, Patricia Ray and the Doc have converted it into a Little Free Library, bright yellow and featuring some Seussian favorites.

THAT’S one of our favorite projects – we’ll swing by to leave a book / take a book soon.


September 7: Betty Jo Mobley, John Neugebauer, Willie L. Clark Jr., Bridget Okray, Jimmy Guins, Lyndi Bione, Lisa Hopper Henry, Linda Allen, David Welch, Bill Edney, Tara Leroy, Brenda Laurent, Dee Ann Goddy, Dreka Ranson, Steven Knighton, Amy Reese, Patsy Haynes, Jo Lisa Thompson, Joe Roberts

September 8: David Keiser, Nickalus Peters, Mrs. A. E. Douty Jr., Terry Thrower, Eva Harlow, Ginger Becker, Stacy Johnson, Katherine Fortson, Krista Megan Blankeney, Ricky Hudgins, Rev. T.A. “Tony” Clayton, Loren Beebe, Hazel Collins Rucker (90), Chris Jackson, Betty Robertson, Kelly Cook, Doyline Rhodes, Fonnie Ector Jr., Cora Russell, Caitlin Wilcox, Jake Lockman

September 9: Celiess Pina, Shirley Mack Pierce, Sarah Brenstap, Richard Martin, Belle Waldo, Anna Matney, Dan Beach, Ruth Annwood, Mrs. Jewel Hill, Elizabeth Neal, Debbie Oglesby, Dennison Harris, Vollena Geter, Sharon Wilburne, Bobby Sheffield, Kasey Hinson, Lorene Goode, Vicki Raymond, Kelly Cranberry, Richard Crutcher, Kim Franks, Cindy Tugwell, Teresa Packer, Tasha Wheat, Zollie McCarty Jr., Bryan Beard, Michall Woolridge, and our very own Head Pressman, Royce Baxley.

September 10: Jennifer Henry, Holly Hinton, Bill Smylie, Riley Lawrence, Flora Howell, Mrs. C.E. Howell, Mrs. Luther Tucker, Kathy McClure, Kimbra Clark, Mike Rodgers, Faye Rhodes, Hull Barbee, Mike Poland, Glenda Butts, Harold Anderson, Annie Lois Hall, Nadine Henderson, Laura Kiger, Joe W. Roberts, Loretta Webb, Charles M. Farland


September 7: Dr. and Mrs. Charles Florio

September 9: Tommy and Kathy Alexander



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