“They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it’s not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance.”

– Terry Pratchett

MANY, many (many) happy returns, Mrs. Meador.

WHAT a blast: we were blown away by the crowd at the City of Kilgore’s Oktoberfest celebration Saturday. It was a pretty steady throng on North Kilgore Street and Main. Amazingly, even the Bier Nutz’ oompah music couldn’t drive the crowd away.

SPEAKING of music: The Social Club rocks. We look forward to their next gig in Kilgore, and kudos, too, to Kilgore High School’s Co-Ed Dance Class and the Texas Rhythm Cloggers for keeping the crowd entertained.

THE fright film fans at Kilgore’s Dodson Auditorium have put together a nice set of 20 options for their upcoming Horror Movie Festival, and they’re asking the rest of us to help narrow it down to six for Oct. 25-29 when it’s $10 for an all-access festival pass or $2 per film. There are some old classics, new classics and cult classics on the list, and we’ll apologize in advance for over-quoting “Shaun of the Dead” if it makes the cut. Log on to tinyurl.com/y5tpaxze as soon as possible to pick your favorite selections from the list Ethan Herring and his team have put together.

MAYBE Bigfoot’s become a fastidious gourmand, maybe aliens are helping keep Portland weird or maybe El Chupacabra headed north. Someone (OK, humans could technically be the culprit) has been draining the blood (and carefully removing meaty bits) from young purebred bulls in eastern Oregon. NPR reports five to date.

WITNESSES describe the animals as having been “deflated” but in otherwise good condition. Except for, of course, the missing pieces. We don’t envy the investigators all the random theories they’re having to sift through, but we could probably come up with a few weird ones ourselves for the $25,000 reward Silvies Valley Ranch has put up for grabs for good information on the case.

FACTS matter.


October 9: Jennifer Howard, Richard Lee, Marjorie Smith, Lynda Watson, Karla Gunn, Pattie Morton, Danny Webster Jr., Marcella Rozell, Regine Renee Lacy, Ollie Hernon, Ella Webster, Jennifer Patterson, Jason English, Brenda Rossum, Ernest Reagan, Pamela Evette Fite, Brent Smith, Ron Hall, Trayvore Moore, Gage Mrozinski

October 10: Ronnie Spradlin, Rusty McKinney, Penny Henry, Calvin and Alvin Henderson, Paula Wilson, Joyce Hunter, Lukas Watson, Rubye Fort, Deborah Winningham, Cody Bumgardner, Julie Zimmerman, Allison Michele Adamson, Ben Monroe, Glenda Malone, Tammy Pegues, Monet LaFleur, Patsy Siddick, Ora Lee Dunnaway, Richard Hall, Lindsey Clements, Jim Mills, Shay Cherry, Bernasko Reddic, Amber Maxwell, Sharon Clark

October 11: Kim Johnson, Greg Caskey, Jeff Griffin, Kristy Megason, Betty Irving, Ray LeRoy, Julie Bennett, D’Alva Reed, Betty Smart, Mae Bass, Merita Barbee, Teri Yandle Dent, Mildred Patterson, David Holcombe, Mrs. W.C. Henderson, Pennie Roberson, Ruby Jewel Britton, Rebecca Elaine Mitchell, Cherokee Parks, Chris Easley, Ruby Elizabeth Murphy, Larry Zachery, Vivian Warron


October 9: David & Sandra Austin

October 10: Chris and Lacy Toler

Oct. 11: Bob & Wanda Hodges



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