“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

– Dr. Seuss

GOOD luck heading back to school, kids. Moms and dads, be strong.

TAKE note: the City of Kilgore’s comprehensive plan advisory committee really does want your insight on the community’s future. See the story at the bottom of this page: they’re holding an open house in the Old Post Office Aug. 22, concurrent with the chamber of commerce’s MixPo event and Main Street’s Sip N Shop.

PARTICIPATE: put down the smartphone, get out of the house and tell them the good, the bad and the ugly so they can have a more complete perspective on the city’s path to 2030.

THE City of Kilgore has a new way to stay in the know. Log on to City Hall’s recently-revitalized website at CityofKilgore.com and click on the notify button for direct-to-your-inbox (or phone) updates.

YOU, too, can give local first responders a pat on the back next month as Gabriel/Jordan Buick GMC and Burl’s Collision Center once again host a lunch and live music event for police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and others Sept. 4. The 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. includes hamburgers and chips for everyone who attends, according to Gabriel/Jordan’s Bryanah Capps.

FUN facts about tardigrades: also called “water bears” or “moss piglets,” the name of these microscopic critters actually means “slow stepper.” They can live virtually anywhere – extremes of cold and heat, water, outer space (for about 10 days) – and can go into a deathlike trance through cryptobiosis and be revived years and years later. They can also withstand about 100 times more radiation than a human.

THEY might become our new spirit animal. Best of luck to the thousands who were accidentally crash-landed on the moon back in April. Fingers-crossed, maybe they can live up to their nigh-indestructible legend.


August 14: Janis Slayter, Sue Light, Rena Mosier, Tanya Campbell, Jennifer Ater-Utzman, Joe Ellis, W.M. Virgil Gill, Shaketha Shanette Colbert, Ellen Womack, David Cline, George Sharp, Amanda Welch, Jane Walton, Blair Currin, Paul Pearson, Roy Ellis, Steven Truitt, Brian Dudley, Tealzie Randall, Monnica and Jessica Brown, Misty Pate, Oma Jackson, Julie Pool

August 15: James M. Richardson, Mary Rucker, Wanda Pullin, Virgil Moore, Jeremy Sanders, Cissy Covnet, Je Wilson, Michael Moore, Jerry Taylor, LeAnne Lee, Veleta Mendenhall, Lisa Watson Hobbs, Kay Ketchum, Bobbie Mobley, Virginia Bagley, Courtney Jo Christie, Robert Glenn Lupfer, Cecilia Scott-Sanders, Candy Cole, Frank VanMeter, Laura Bynum, Carlos Johnson, Jimmy Thrower, Glenda Redd, Kim Michel Rodgers, Danny Harris II, Liana Loyd, Rommie Lee, Autumn Grace Roberts

August 16: Melba Lee, Laura Hedrick, Gary Cline, Amy Jessen, Rita Harris, Kim McKinnon, Jean Wilson, Lloyd Bolding, Oleta Goodwin, Sandy Comer, Mrs. J.R. Whittlesey, Patricia Dooley, Amy Montgomery, Cary Don Handley, Fletcher Jowers Jr., Heather White, Walter Sellars, Ron Ancelet, Giselle Nash, Billy Ray Allen, Madelyn Starkey, Corey McIntosh, Sigrid Harvey, M.C. Henry, Lisa Roman, Garry Hassell II, J. Mark White, Terry McKnight


August 14: Fred and Dolores Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Stangl, John and Jonni Slagle, Andy and Christine Szakely, Clayton and Christine Villyard

August 15: Philip and Ola Lacy, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Reynolds, Mike and Karen Conner, Laurie and Luther Bender

August 16: John and Judith Leach, Dan and Betty Luddriker, Kerry and Gail Hargrave



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