James Draper (Mug)

James Draper

“I got vision and the rest of the world wears bi-focals.”

– Butch Cassidy

YOU can catch a free screening of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” at 6 p.m. Thursday night in the Texan Theater, courtesy of Kilgore Main Street and Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation. The costs are covered, but donations will be gladly accepted and put to work in ongoing renovations of the historic Dean-Keener-Crim House.

ANOTHER free movie is planned for June, days before Main Street’s Kilgore Children’s Arts Festival featuring Chalk Fest June 22 at City Park. The News Herald’s upcoming edition of ETcetera magazine has more details.

IMPRESSIVE, in many ways: Lillie Smith marked 104 years on this earth. For 98 of them, she was a member of Post Oak Baptist Church. We know she’ll be missed.

FAR too many events this year have been canceled for foul weather. Fortunately, the organizers behind Kilgore’s annual Geekend event were keeping a close eye on the forecast and rescheduled with time to spare. They’ll be celebrating their fandoms together May 25-26 at Texas Broadcast Museum.

MANY a young musician in East Texas learned the scales and developed an embouchure (we had to look that spelling up) under the tutelage of Glenn Wells. He retired recently from Kilgore College after a long career in music education, and he’ll be honored Sunday at First Baptist Church of Kilgore. Find details on page 2.

LOCAL businesspeople – everyone’s welcome – will be topping up their coffee cups Thursday morning during Kilgore Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Morning Brew, this time at Heritage Hospice at 1100 Stone Rd.

KILGORE’S Green Waste Center on Longview Street is at twice its average amount of tree debris, and the bulk of the overage (and then some) started arriving after straight-line winds assailed a portion of the community March 14.

DON’T forget: once those limbs and tree trunks are ground into mulch, it’s yours for the taking. Some of it’s been waiting long enough the city has developed some very healthy compost piles out at the center.

DROP off what you must in limbs, and take what you need in mulch. It’s free or rather, forgive us, those tree limbs won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

“SINGING in the shower is all fun and games until you get shampoo in your mouth. Then it just becomes a soap opera.”

–  Unknown



May 15: Mrs. Jack Cecil, Scott Hamnett, Mrs. Vernon Pegues, Gary Boyd, Hubert Pollick, Mart Gordon, James Earl Nolan Jr., Howard Shipp, Arthur B. Custer, Chrystal Bynum, Julia Springs, Denise Lenz, Patricia Hobbs, Ester Close, Kaden Downing

May 16: Kami Hail, Charlotte Dunaway, Bennie Earl Ashley, Georgia Calloway, Jack Wininger, J.B. Richie, Joshua Logan, Jennifer Jowers, Bob Bustin, Ross Garrett, Elles “Mac” McGinty, Joseph Coleman, Joyce Marie Lumpkin, Jaslyn JaShea Palmer, Shaylee Prior, Mattie Baskin, Jamie Schmitz, Charles Noble Sr., Tiffany Cundieff, Julia Lewis-Mauldin, Julia Lewis Williamson, Troy Mumphrey, Adam Bryan Hinton, Michelle Laredo

May 17: Peter W. Keiser, Ruby Ferguson, Maria Spear, Johnny Leach, Billie Sonier, Frank Coleman, Alan Nettles, Janna Helen James, Lee Mayfield, Eddie Palmer, Mrs. George Reese, Lisa Kincaid, Bob Hale, Bill Hall, Janet Browning, B.R. (Bubba) Barnes, Marcia Davis, Kelvin Jawayne Mills, Sylvester Crabb Jr., Rebecca Holbrook, Donna Custer, Valerie (Larson) Melton, Becca Holbrook


May 15: Kent and Cynthia Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Randy Shelburne Jr.

May 16: Bob and Sally Bustin, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Braly.



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