“If I could turn back time / If I could find a way / I’d take back those words that hurt you / And you’d stay.”

 –  Cher (written by Diane Warren)


DON’T forget to turn back time tonight (that is, make sure your clocks fall back one hour at 2 a.m. Sunday morning).

THANKS to our pal Chris Cameron at Kilgore’s United States Post Office for the annual reminder: the year’s Christmas stamps have arrived.


MONA Jimerson would undoubtedly want us to remind you, too, that Christmas is just 53 sleeps away.

WE couldn’t possibly pick a favorite costume among all the great get-ups at the 2019 downtown trick-or-treat Thursday, but we have to give a shoutout to Kilgore Boys & Girls Club’s Lakesha Hall for being almost unrecognizable (and a teensy bit terrifying). And, of course, props to all the great doggo disguises, especially Ezy the Bulldog cos-playing as Puppywise the Clown from “It.”

LEST you forget, the sixth annual Religious Symposium in Kilgore College’s Devall Student Center Ballroom is 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Open to the public, this year’s dialogue features “Christianity as it relates to the LGBTQ+ Community” with Terry Booker moderating a panel discussion and Q&A between three local ministers: Rev. Jayson Galler (Pilgrim Lutheran Church), Rev. Will Wilson (First Presbyterian Church) and Dr. Glenn Young (First Baptist Church of Kilgore).

KILGORE Public Library is planning a ‘Christmas Cookie Chemistry Mystery.’ Whatever that means, we’re there.

“For death is no more than a turning of us over from time to eternity.”

 –  William Penn

FACTS matter.


November 2: Mike Madden, Madeline Squier, Briant Sanders, Kristen Claire Elder, Sheryle Bradford, Sherry Moreno, Bernice Nolen, Rusty Silvertooth, Mary Mayfield, Paula Cubine, Virginia Gibbons, Robin White, Janet Welsh, Mrs. Pete Watson, Matthew Caldwell, John David Williams, Stephen Kieth Daniel, Grace McFarland, Roger Brigmon Sr., Daryl Jones, Elizabeth Ainsworth, Branson Emerson, Devi Vaughn, Austin Mrozinski, Luke Edward Richey

November 3: Amme Stephenson, Hunter Watson, Sandi Moore, Pat Anderson, Joel Herrelson, Mrs. Bill Stanley, Carla Taylor Johnson, Stacey LeAnn Killingsworth Bynum, Ray Guin, Allen Sellers, Scott Mitchell, Glenda Raines, Cleo Johnson, Jim Oritz, Scott Summy, Clair Laird, Kay Clark, Phillip Jordan, Whitney Lovelace, Albert Chitwood, Ruby Vaughn, Susie Philpott, Tiffany Franklin, Terrance Burkes, Melissa Johnson

November 4: Karen Cole, Max Miller, Ronnie Strong Jr., Janice Marie Webb, Gary Leerstang, Robert Green, Beverly Dorminy, Carmen Calloway, Thelma Miller, Joey De Graffenreid, Rachel McLester, Jimmy Green, Lerline Stokley, Mary Dunn, Eric Parish, Johnny B. Gunn, Helen Jones, William Barber, Harley Joe Mitchell, Janice Badger, Ann Thurmond, Mildred Meabon, Mona Clower, Eric Mitchell, Ann Rossum, Bailey Francis

 November 5: Cathy Geese, Lauren Elrod, Arthur Coleman, Camilla Ballard, Kenneth Autry, Joseph E. Taylor, Justin Chambers, Victor Firdel Tyeskie, Robert S. Peek Jr., Daron Scott Trull, Chris Logan, Minnette Luis, Tina King, Michael Bynum, Blake Messer, W.C. Rodgers, Nelda Graham, Kit Kirk Laird, Meachell Bell, Steven Gleaton, Gertrude Marshall, Melvin Caskey, Isabel Trejo, Erica Trejo, Vicki Clayton


November 5: Wesley and Betty Lou Stone, Robert and Eloise Green



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