‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

– Matthew 25:40

WHETHER the stethoscope or the camera, many people in town have found themselves in Doc Langley’s focus. He’ll be in the spotlight Friday during a come-and-go retirement party running 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Old Post Office at 200 S. Kilgore St.

WE’LL be there to wish him well – hope you can make it.

WELL, Cameron Castles certainly has our vote. He’s the grandson of K and David Castles, and he fashioned a pretty stellar tux out of everyone’s favorite quick-fix. The Henderson Class of 2019 grad’s duct tape duds have him in the running for a $10,000 scholarship from Duck Brand.

VOTES are piling up for a number of entries in hand-made prom attire, with awards for the top male and female vote-getters on display at DuckBrand.com – Cameron’s leading his group as of press time. Check out the entries and cast a vote (up to one every 24 hours through June 28) via tinyurl.com/ducttapeduds.

NO, they’re not real moon rocks, but they’re still pretty cool: don’t miss the ‘simulated’ space stones in the NASA Exhibit on display this week at Kilgore Public Library, on loan from Johnson Space Center.

WE couldn’t tell if local luthier Mitch Moehring volunteered or was voluntold Saturday, but he certainly jumped into kite crafting at Kilgore Children’s Arts Festival with gusto. Mayor Ronnie Spradlin put in a full day’s work helping kiddoes turn wooden rods, string, tape (lots of tape) and newsprint paper into fun, often functional flyers. Lee Waters also found time to re-engineer the classic design, and local Scout leader Tony Raymond also lent a hand alongside a score of other volunteers manning a wide variety of crafts at the arts event spearheaded by Kilgore Main Street Program.

THE most visible, even in the shade, was snowcone maker-turned-fashionisto Charlie Walker, glowing in a bright tie-dyed shirt.

KUDOS, too, to J deGraffenried Dentistry’s Julia Metz whose handpainted homage to both Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” made for an excellent photo op as several hundred guests, young-and-old, passed through Kilgore City Park.

LEE Layman noted 2.5 inches of rain on Turner Street from 4 p.m. Sunday to Monday morning. Fellow weather-watcher B.J. Clark recorded a bit less than an inch on Higginbotham.

NOTABLY, there’s a personal touch from Lee in the library’s NASA display – he loaned a large print of the first photo of Earth from deep space, taking Aug. 23, 1966 by the NASA-Boeing Lunar Orbiter I at a distance of 232,000 from the third rock from the sun.


June 26: Cliff Halbert, John Campbell, Reba Bunch, Trip Clements, David Cody Edmonson, Brittani Lynn Youngblood, Austin Honeycutt, Travis Fussell, Billie Reynolds, Moneka Anthony, Wilma Jackson, Lora J. Fortson, Heather Bagwell, Shannon Finley, Christopher Clary, Bertha Sheffield, Jonathan Trent Weaver, Jamal Luster, Clara Carter, Allison Hayes

June 27: Aleene Hassell, Ray Green, Marsha Campbell, Penni Perkins, Steven Martin, Bob Bradberry, Gabrielle Samples, Bob Daniel, Louise King, Kathy Barnhill, Mrs. J.P. Haynes, John Gardner, Kim Reynolds

June 28: Joe David Clark, Louis Hall, Opal Stewart, David Cates, John Wilbert Foster, Marcus Jones, Kirk Kirkland, Juanita Collins, Donald Gene Webb, Debbie Nicholson, Jena Laird, Kevin Walsh, Helen Herd, John C. Russell, Barbara Long, Evelyn Banda, Donna Yancey, JaneAn Harrington, Brett Forbes, Mark Rosen, Paul Lohr


June 26: John and Pattie Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Ray Allen, Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Jones, Bert and Elaine Kinkaid

June 27: Cecil and Nancy Cornelison, Pamela and Floyd Lusk, Gary and Kellie Huffman

June 28: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Leach, Harold and Bonnie Hart, Steve and Shirley Daniel


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