“When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming.”

– Dory

(“Finding Nemo)

IF you see a bunch of youngsters (and not-so-youngsters) sweating in black, wizardly robes in downtown Kilgore today, follow them to the Texan Theater and the 2019 Potter Fest, beginning at 3 p.m. Among a variety of activities, Sonya Waters (our local Ministry of Magic representative) promises some trivia that could put even Hermione Granger to the test.

THE Harry Potter party continues throughout the week with nightly movies in the Texan and more special activities planned for Aug. 10. Pick up your pass ($30 for everything, $15 for a single day) and jump into the fray.

ANOTHER for the Did You Know file: from our friends at the Sabine River Authority of Texas, “The Sabine River Basin covers a large portion of East Texas with a population of over 551,000 in all or part of 21 counties according to U.S. 2010 Census figures. A large portion of that area is rural in nature.”

THIS week, the SRA awarded $10,000 to the Liberty City Water Supply Corporation. Look for details in Wednesday’s edition of the News Herald.

“PLEASE excuse my dear Aunt Sally.”

SINCE some of us (cough) have forgotten a few things since fourth (or was it fifth?) grade, the ol’ Order Of Operations is PEMDAS: do things in Parentheses first, then Exponents, then (working left-to-right) Multiply or Divide, Add or Subtract.


August 3: Celeste Wilprit, Norman Copeland, Cheryle Maxwell, Kelly Gossage, Bobbie Petty, Zara Tanner, Charles Williams, Junana Buckham, Whitney Ellis, Shelby Nestleroad, Laci Morrow, Karen Loar, Robert Hale, Joe Cruseturner, Charley Walden, Naomia Baker, Sytha Gustafson, Kaitlin McCullough, William Buckham, Karen Ellis, Jimmy Barton, Dovie Ammons

August 4: Buffy Lynn Rhodes, Nancy Patterson, Robin Rachal, Rhonda Cain, Doyle Goley, Jabali Sanders, Tiffany Johnston, Ken Sawyer, Mrs. J.A. Lancaster, Mary Ann Chambers, Robert Lee Wilson, Mary Zimmerman, Jim Laurence, James Harris, Jamie Horton, Amber Woodard, Audrey Pegues, Brey Ledet, Libbie Ward, Mike White, Magen Mumphrey, Matthew Ryan

August 5: Micah Thurston, Dana Wright, Donna Cooley, Kathy Barham, Ledell Carpenter, Ray Patterson, Della Coleman, Eric Jerome Ector, Jordan Anne Gabriel, Joseph P. Adams, Jason Luis, Laure Clark, Kyle Beale, Sharon Patterson, Jana Gae Walker, Gary Hales, James Dykes, Ann Patterson, Lovella Williams, Daniel Morris, Rhonda Pierce, Joyce Ann Dickey

August 6: David Frankenhoff, Susie Stracener, Ruth Lomax, Virginia Belcher, Dallas Rodgers, Eric Smith, Brenda K. Ivy, Noma Horton, Larry Cain, Earl Petty, Jerry Bynum, Charles Howard, Nancy Williams, Joyce Ann Dickey, C.H. Tims, Kera Brown, Ricky Watson, Traci Lynn Portley, Chris Burkett, Robert Watson, Angela Morgan, Janet Clayton, Steve Brown, Ty Sharp, Debbie Reese, William Carl Bryant, Joe Suriano, Kyler Little


August 3: Mr. and Mrs. Eugene N. Herring, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Frazier, Mr. and Mrs. Dexter Guinn, Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams

August 4: Mr. and Mrs. Richard May


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