“You’ve made this day a special day, by just your being you. There’s no person in the whole world like you. And I like you just the way you are.”

– Fred Rogers

CHUCK Meacham of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, swung by the newsroom Friday with his copy of “The Texas Post Office Murals” by Philip Parisi. Chuck and brother Tom, of Midland, were eager to peek inside Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation’s Old Post Office History & Art Center downtown and see Xavier Gonzalez’s quartet of New Deal murals.

There was a long, typed list of other destinations wedged into Chuck’s book, within easy reach as the brothers had lunch in downtown Kilgore.

“WE’RE just kind of wandering around small town Texas looking for these post offices,” the road-trippers said.

GLAD to have you here, fellas. Welcome to Kilgore.

FOR what it’s worth, most days we’re content with “oh-pea-oh” instead of the 1939 post office’s official acronym, KHPFOPOHAC.

DOC Langley – who gets revenge every time we call him anything but “Doc” in the News Herald – is, indeed, retiring from his role as Kilgore’s grizzled small town physician, and we know a lot of folks will want the details on the “Godspeed” reception for one of our favorite Kilgoreo photographer/healers.

MARK your calendar for the come-and-go retirement party from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, June 28, in the OPO on South Kilgore Street.

WE’VE been looking forward to High Hill Farm’s third annual Jazz Festival, running from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. today at 12626 CR217 in Arp. There’s a range of food and drink and a lineup of local musicians, plus artisans on-site and other activities. See you there.

YOU remembered, but just in case somebody else didn’t, the flags were out yesterday (June 14) for Flag Day, commemorating the adoption of the Stars & Stripes on June 14, 1777. It also happens to be the birthday of POTUS.

IN Kilgore, it’s the local Rotarians who make sure the red, white and blue is out in force each patriotic holiday throughout the year. Proceeds from their flag program subscribers benefit a number of the Rotary Club’s outreaches (such as the annual shoe drive for kiddoes and a variety of scholarships).

LEARN more from the “Rotary Club of Kilgore” Facebook page.



June 15: Glenn Henderson, Roseanneli Leverett, Katie Mae Kemp, Paul Hunt, James Edward Jackson, Shelley Finklea, Twilikki Williams, Riley Toler, Matthew Miller, Frances Brown, Jordan Nicole Baker, Kylie Deann Baker, Carolyn Hearne, Teresa Flourney, Cindi Evans, April DeYoung, Jack Pirtle, Bobby Morgan, Theresa L. Donnell, James Bynum, Ruth Ferguson, Robin Walden, Natalie Allen, Bill Woodall

June 16: Mike Baltz, James Stovall, Tami Bolding, Linda Kinchelse, Mary Lea Sieber, W.M. Flowers, Alma Adams, Martha Tuttle, Darneisha Goodacre, Laroyn Pierce, Sonja Smith, Leigh White, Beverly Price, Buck Watson Sr., Dillard Hawkins, Mike Tharp, Kenneth Adams, Bonnie Parker, Michael Hail, Wendell Holcombe, Lemma Terry.

June 17: Tammy Dorsey, Fanny Gurley, Mrs. H.H. Harper, Baron Thrower, Becky LaGregs, Dorothy Raney, Amanda Diann Tanner, Waynell Summers, Wayne Patterson, Linda Hughes, Jackie Bowley, Alan Doyle Gage, Kristi Kirksey, Cody Shead, Rusty Russell, Jacob Myers

June 18: Johnnie Allie, Laura Walsh, Laura Ott, Charlotte Duncan, Oscar Richie, J.B. McCracken, Nancy Robinson, Margaret Welch, Marie Hughes, Devoria Jackson, Lillian Ferguson, Haley Stewart, Damon Clark.


June 15: Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Collins Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Williams, George and Tammy White

June 16: Ronnie and Theresa Nix, Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Goley, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller, Mr. and Mrs. L.G. McCuller

June 17: Mr. and Mrs. Glen Watkins, Robert and Mattie Morgan, Nancy and Harlequin Pipkins

June 18: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Steitler, Charles and Marie Adkins, Lewis and Bettie Wailick


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