“No amount of patience will ever persuade an idiot.”

– Mark Twain

WE never pass on a good pun, so when the Kilgore Boys & Girls Club invites us to ‘Chip in fore the Kids,’ we’re there. Rescheduling their third Reverse Draw Down for, most likely, next spring, the club’s board is organizing their first fundraising golf tourney for the youth outreach.

THE event’s set Saturday, Aug. 10, at Tempest Golf Club. The four person scramble is $120 per golfer for green fees and cart, lunch, complimentary beverages and special challenges. There’s a$30 bonus ticket available: two mulligans, ‘Buy a Drive’ and a Hole-In-One contest with $10,000 on the line.

SPONSORSHIPS are still available – all proceeds benefits Kilgore-BGC, helping cultivate Kilgore’s young minds into cornerstones of the community.

KUDOS to Sonya Waters and her crew of City of Kilgore employees who executed the bash. Thanks for an excellent fireworks show, too, especially from those of us who can’t be trusted with small explosives.


SADLY, there’s only one of her, but City Hall’s Josie Atchley – call her the ‘Flash’ – has stamina and speed beyond that of mortal men. Blink and you’ll miss her whenever she’s helping stage a city-sponsored event.

YES, “A picture’s worth a thousand words,” but unfortunately it can’t capture sound – Tye Sharp was straining his voice Thursday trying to draw Fourth of July Extravaganza guests to the food tent for Kilgore Lion’s Club.

IN the midst of a lively atmosphere, a throng of people (several thousand and then some), superb entertainment and more, there was a healthy host of food vendors offering great eats during the event.

THERE’S no better way to ruin a good fast food meal than to use the Interwebs to research the nutritional values. Man, that’s a lot of sodium.

JULIA Metz trekked all the way to Longview for a short visit Tuesday afternoon. We’d love to see you too – feel free to drop by our temporary office space in News-Journal Plaza anytime. We’re on the second floor, comfy but eager to return to Kilgore later this fall.

FOR what it’s worth: Friends don’t let friends spoil Stranger Things Season 3.


July 6: Lillian Spinks, Mrs. H.L. Pyle, Ronnie Moore, Tod Hayman, Clay Reagan, Michael Dean Jordan, Danny Taylor, Kathy Majors, Johnnie Ruth Henderson, Freda Rodgers, Troy Johnson, Dianne Morris, Lori Sanders, Eloise Walker, Joe Taylor, Christi Lawler, Tracey Savell, Jacob Dunaway, Tate Nicks, Ray Linthicum, Deborah Varnett, Blayne William Risinger, Ashley Garcia

July 7: Kylie McKinnon, Aaron Knight, Stephanie Parker, Patty Clark, Chris Dorsey, Stan Martin, Mrs. Luther Holland, David Wheeler, Tommy Freeman, Heath Cleary, Karen May, Jenny Partain, Cathy Bradley, Cindy Frazier and Penny Thompson, Gerardo Diaz, Lindsey Inez, Britnee Hightower, Mary-Lynn Thrash, Kelsey Young

July 8: Bill D. Hedrick, Eugene Hablinski, David VanMeter, Paul Peery JoAnn Allen, Christian Cole Baker, April Baker, Lee Killingsworth

July 9: Matthew Joseph, Britt Smith, Tania Welch, Georgia V. May, Kathryn Ott Toon, Linda Buckrell, Rhonda Jones, Dolly Hendrix, William H. MacDonald, Cora Lary, Dana Ransom, Edna Riddle, Kendall Steelman, Marcia Stallings, Ella Mae Walker, Marian Thomas, Stephen Wayne Hendrix, Johnny Smith, Keonta Robinson, Jessie Cubine, Lee Killingsworth, Linda Luann Tadlock


July 6: Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Mendez, Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Ligon, Roger and Nancy Patterson

July 8: Will and Vettie Ross, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Roberson

July 9: Bob and Lorane Hodges, Richard and Victoria Harris


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