“The one thing that doesn’t abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience.”

– Atticus Finch

(via author Harper Lee)

KILGORE’S Creekside Trail is just about 30 seconds from the house. It only took us about a year to make it out there.

CLEARLY we’ve been missing out: there were about a score of folks, all ages, utilizing the community’s excellent amenity Monday evening, and it’s a beautiful spot.


NEARBY, Texas Shakespeare Festival major domo John Dodd and honorary Kilgoreite Val Winkelman swear by “Firefly Alley” (a.k.a. Willow Springs Road) as a can’t-miss attraction here on summer evenings.

WELL, authorities say they’ve identified the rogue behind an infamous ice cream licking or, as Blue Bell Creameries aptly describes it, “the malicious act of food tampering” in a Lufkin Walmart store.

IT’S enough to make you gag. Not enough, I think, to make East Texans swear-off the Homemade Vanilla goodness en masse.

FORTUNATELY, there’s been no allegations any containers of Pistachio Almond were affected.

THERE’S a new pawed patrol heading for the halls of Kilgore ISD, part of a proactive partnership between the district and Kilgore PD to have a drug detection dog on the job fulltime.

“WE hope it’s more of a deterrent to those who might have thoughts of sneaking something onto the campus,” according to KPD’s update on the project. “Y’all gave us some great name suggestions, and we’ve decided to name him Ruger.”

THE pup and his handler, School Resource Officer Clint Johnson, are making progress in their training, KPD reports.

“Ruger is very social and can’t wait to meet his new friends at KISD. KPD is committed to creating a drug free environment at KISD, so students can focus on their studies and have a bright and successful future.”


NOTABLY, the drug-sniffing civil servant’s training isn’t being covering by taxpayers: the dog was gifted to the department, per KPD, and seized funds are covering his education.

FACTS matter.


July 10: Jessica Vanderwater, Christina Knight, Jerry Camp, Wanda Taylor, Tod Dickerson, Kelli Ann Fette, Casey Botter, John Wesley Ray, Becky Copeland, Paul Spear, Bryan D. Jones, JoAnn Cheshire, Pat Rhodes, Brenda Watson, Josh and Justin Head, Philip Shawn, Cathryn Elizabeth Black, Gerry Austin Jr., Whitney Taylor

July 11: Jalayna Bass Davis, Lila Pearce, Christian Tucker, Peggy Howard, Carter Thomas Grooms, Kay Wallace, Melainie Bass, Richard Fowler, Kay Wren Michel, Andrew Simon, Angie Taylor, Tommy Swanson, James Hawley, Jim Wylie, Mary Morrison, Sheila Washington, Teresa Kingsbury, Doris Oglesby, Alec Stone, Karissa Lemly, Rev. E.L. Warren, Wendi Ann Baker, Daniel Garcia, Diane Biggs, Emily Ivins, Alley Marie Davis.

July 12: John Graham, Mrs. Dorris Wilson, Sandy Moreno, Ramona Richardson, Corey Adams, Amy Lynn Pounders, Martha Smith, Evan Dinger, Mike Kerr, Pam Lewis, Debi Conrad, Darrell Gleghorn, Candace Callahan, Mark Lockhart, Heath Witt, Tonie Stanley, Drew Clements,  Makala Cornett


July 10: Mr. and Mrs. Daren Griffith

July 12: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dees, Mr. and Mrs. Brad Dent


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