“Time is the substance I am made of. Time is a river which sweeps me along, but I am the river; it is a tiger which destroys me, but I am the tiger; it is a fire which consumes me, but I am the fire.”

– Jorge Luis Borges

WE gotta hand it to the voters in Dodson Auditorium’s Horror Movie Festival poll. The final film selections make for a nice spread, something the kids can enjoy (“Hocus Pocus”) plus movies that make you jump (“Scream”), clamp your eyes shut (“Nightmare on Elm Street”), laugh (“Beetlejuice”) and think (“Get Out”). And, of course, there’s “Psycho.”

TURN to page 6B for the schedule of the films, which get rolling Friday night at Kilgore College. Kudos, too, to the organizers for inviting the public to bring a donation to the KC Student Food Pantry to cover a single-ticket admission.

BY the time you read this, we’ll be in the midst of our pre-chili cook-off fast. Football players have their exercises, boxers have their routines… participants and fans of the East Texas Oilmen’s Chili Cook-off have our hallowed traditions as well.

WE’LL see you downtown Thursday morning. Get your spoons ready and don’t block the path to the chili pot.

SINCE you asked, Kilgore News Herald’s Letter to the Editor policy is 400 words per writer per month. Send your submissions to jdraper@kilgorenewsherald.com.

AND, for all our sakes, turn off your CAPS LOCK.

QUESTION: What do our readers think of new pull-out sections? Last Wednesday, Oct. 9, we ran Kilgore Chamber of Commerce’s monthly Chamber Connection as a pull-out inside Game Time Weekly. You’ll get your 2019 copy of Women in Business in the same format. Thoughts? We’d love to hear them.

“Quis custodiet

ipsos custodes?”


October 23: Mrs. E.J. Miller, Jake Whittington, Tara Perdue, John Ward, Mandy Bridges, Dexter Monroe, Destini Rossum, Eric Wright, Greg Gee, Donna Ward, Bob Erickson, Chris Paul, Patricia Sessions, Robert Morgan Jr., Charlotte Thompson, Pamela Lilly, Bethany Harris

October 24: Brent Brown, Tiffany Guin, Leah Redd, Jewel McCune, Phillip Little, Gary Price, Patty Joyner, Liz Jodry, Briana Thompson, Kathryn Dean, Monnie Portley, Paul Caskey, Angela Pace, Vernon Hargrave, Roger Thomas, Thomas Phillips, Aletha Henderson, Susan Manning, Jordan Kyle Adams, Malique Henderson, Daniel Rhodes, Eric A. Roberts, Atabian Rashaud Etcor, Kaitlyn Raymond

October 25: Sue Barnett, Cheryl Eason, Pat Conner, George Ivan, Mark Bagwell, George M. Blair, Stephen Walker Knight, Natasha Browning, Austin Nix, Lynne Oberthier, Michael Rossum, Joe Ray Grant, Mark Fuqua, Joe Robberson, Katie Wilbourne, Melissa (Russell) Evans, Wes Downing, James Glenn Jacobs Jr., Hollie Bagwell, Erin Bagwell, Alexis Miller, Edward Pool, Juan Loredo


October 23: Mr. and Mrs. Terry Applegate, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Applegate

October 24: Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Fette, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Grant

October 25: Rev. and Mrs. T.A. Clayton, Paul and Irina Lohr



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