“The big print giveth, and the small print taketh away.”

– Tom Waits

SPEAKING of fine print, if you take a closer look at the user agreement on the new FaceApp that’s filling your Facebook timeline with ultra-aged picture’s of your friends, you’ll find some less than savory caveats that grant the Russia-based developers rights over your images. The revelations about those stipulations has spawned significant privacy concerns and top-level government investigations.

NOT to spoil the fun, just saying we should all watch out for sharp rocks lurking beneath sparkling water.

ON that note, the water of Kilgore City Pool had a nice red-tinge to it Thursday night, courtesy of LED porthole lamps, but it was a bit hard to see at times considering the hundreds of people who turned out for “Jaws.” Well done, City of Kilgore and sponsors, for another great event. We’re eager to see what’s next in the movie lineup.

NOBODY rocks a Hawaiian shirt quite like Charlie Walker.

WITH a nod to those who voted, we’re happy to echo good news from the Castles family: Cameron, Henderson grad and grandson of K and David, successfully snared a $10,000 scholarship (and looked snazzy in the process) with his handmade duct tape tuxedo.

WE can all benefit from downsizing and de-hoarding, but be sure to look carefully before you assume an old box (or filing cabinet) is empty. Kudos to KNH Office Manager Jalayna Davis for saving a valuable pile of vintage photos from the trash heap as we boxed up the newsroom this summer.

YOU’LL find some of those images on the back page of today’s Section B, the third and final part of Kilgore News Herald’s 2019 Progress Edition.

STEP up this summer: City Hall really wants your input on the in-development Comprehensive Plan. Their advisory committee will be reaching into the community for ideas and feedback. Likewise, planning is underway for the Fiscal Year 2019 budget – take some time to call 903-984-5081 and weigh in soonest.


July 20: Billie Walker, Tina Kent, Mariann Baker, Patricia Morchat, Lois Daniels, Kay Moore, James D. Taylor, Kelly Ater-Zimmerman, Marceline R. Swan, Sutton Colt Fontineau, Mrs. Jean Harville, Sherry Driver, Willie Lee Hall, Jacob Goode, Mrs. C.W. Burgers, Jo Simon, Candace Read, Kimberly Williams, Jimmy McAre,

July 21: Renecia Scott, Gene Stansberry, Mrs. Jim Foster, Richard Lewis, Mrs. Frank Scarbrough, Paula Dean Wheat, Bobbie Jean Davis, Bobby Gene Russell, Geraldine Cox, Katy Pyle, Gina Dean, Kathleen Gilchrist, Matthew Bateman, Thomas Haynes, Amber Bushong, Dashun Morgan, Charles Killingsworth, Tara Lopez

July 22: Rylee Glenn Pond, Tommy Ford, Jarmon Hobbs, Phillip Welch, Dale Parker, Paul Bynum, Grady Purdue, Laura and Lindsey Godfrey, Dell Birdsong, Mary Miller, Elizabeth Pearce, Norman Haltmeyer, Robert Green, Shania Collut

July 23: Zachery Sam Russell, Donna Knight, Michelle Pina Michaele, Jack Ward, Melba Mitchell-Warren, Jason White Cooks, Juanita Houston, Billie Briley, Pam McCarty Sadie McClanahan, Amanda Briggs, William Eddington, Yolanda Rochell Taylor, Heather Nicole Watson, Kimberly Parrott, Erika Murphy, Ellie Nelson, Sara Barnard, Johnny Northcutt, Joe Gala, LeAnn Parker, Habe Habenicht, Ashley Alyse Neugebauer, Melissa Moore, Sherry Gee Sanford, Eddie Fitch, Graydon Rieger, Gary Ratliff, Ashley Jackson, Orease Smith, Ruby Palmer


July 20: Sue and Wayne Bass, Luke and Tina Hill, Bo and Judy White, Mr. and Mrs. Millard Hassell, Mr. and Mrs. J. Matt McKnight, Brad and Denise Faulkner

July 21: J.F. and Jo Ann Burnett, Willie and Louise Gibley

July 22: Mr. and Mrs. Royce McIntosh, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Reid, R.C. and Lillian Allen, Merlyn and Gene Holmes

July 23: Paul and Donna McKnight, Jimmy and Nelda Headrick


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