“Cats rule the world.”

– Jim Davis

TRUE, perhaps, but dogs definitely make the world a better place.

THERE’S still time to help: Kilgore’s J. deGraffenried Dentistry is collecting food donations, school supplies and bottled water at 238 Lawrence St., building up to the office’s Free Dental Care Day for patrons of Hiway 80 Rescue Mission. You can join the effort or learn more by calling 903-218-4404.

THIS week’s pun-of-the-week prize goes to East Texas Treatment Center’s event planners and whoever came up with the “Chili Me Timbers” pirate theme for the upcoming East Texas Oilmen’s Chili Cook-off. You won’t be cold, just a little chili when the 27th annual event returns Oct. 24.

IF you missed the Harry Potter costumes in the Texan Theater Saturday, your loss. She wasn’t in the running, but Sonya Waters’ Dolores Umbridge was a sight. You can catch more of Potter Fest throughout the week, including tonight in downtown Kilgore.

ON your marks, as  registration for the 2019-2020 class at Kilgore Boys & Girls Club is set for Aug. 13-14. There’s a limited number of spots at the Harris Street youth program, and they go quickly. Call 903-984-6071 for more details – soon.

BY the way, there was a fundraiser golf tournament set this weekend to benefit the club, but it’s been postponed indefinitely. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, mark your calendars for the organization’s annual draw-down fundraiser, scheduled for Oct. 4 at the Texan Theater.

CHANGE of venue: Kilgore Chamber of Commerce has moved its Aug. 22 MixPo event to the Texan as well. More vendors are welcome to participate, president Jill McCartney says, and it looks to be an entertaining time for new and potential chamber members.

NOTABLY, we’re officially one month out from the chamber’s first Stars & Scars Offroad event at Rabbit Creek ATV. After a dearth of registrations for the year’s Stars & Scars Mud Run, the chamber’s planners opted (wisely, we think) to inject new life into the outdoor event by bringing in ATVs, Jeeps and their enthuasiasts. The event’s set for Saturday, Sept. 7, and the winner of the chamber’s first Mud Bog will leave with a minimum prize of $1,500. Learn more at tinyurl.com/starsandscarsoffroad.

WE asked a silly question, and our social media followers responded quickly. Tasked to choose between a somewhat snarky subscription promotion and a kitten-themed ad, our furry friend won hands-down. You might see the kitty in your mailbox soon, inviting you subscribe for a one-year subscription at $20.19, discounted from our regular rate of $35.

FACTS matter.


August 7: Bonne Hart, Angela Hearne, Gregory Guinn, Kathryn Maxwell, Tamara Lynn Talley, Janette Jones, Jason Dean Henson, Samantha Rae Morrow, Martha Swaim, Donald Cox, Randy Hinton, Carol Stetson, Mike Anthony, Trey Copeland, W.E. “Gene” Whitworth, Billie VanMeter, Denise Croley

August 8: Vicki O’Neal, Keith Stokes, Thelma Jones, Sue Boyd, Debbie Boren, Kim Carroll, Sue Logan, Elise Reinbach, Horace Bryant, Phillip Lacy Jr., Kenny Robinson, Diane Agee, Bryan Redd, Barbara Edney, Robbie D Jackson, Grace Arrington, Tim Reese, Tatum VanMeter, Allison Guthrie, Quavion Sheffield, Bradley T. Bryant, Tra Gordon

August 9: Valerie Bowne, Jacob Manning, Zachery Hagemann, David Robinson, Mark Webb, Scott Nelson, Nicholas William Holley, Vickie Martin, Barbara Ann Carpenter Conrod, R.M. Mobley, Kim Franks, Josh Cohagen, Richard Rorschach, John Pearce, Sally White, Joe Hendrix, Jamie Muckelroy, Sybil Adams, Laura Brown, Dusty Layne, Denise Sullivan, George B. Heil, Don Alexander, Ty’Breanna Wheat, Esmeralda Hoerta, Skylar Leak


August 7: Donna and Ross McFarland, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brantley, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. McDonald

August 8: Dorothy and Henry Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Hensley

August 9: Donald and Tina McSpadden, Robert and James Woods Puryear


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