Petrichor: a distinctive, earthy, usually pleasant odor that is associated with rainfall especially when following a warm, dry period…


THANK you, again, to Kilgore Public Library’s staffers for putting so much effort into marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.

KUDOS, too, to Vivian and Fred Gebhardt for keeping us guessing at what’s behind the papered windows of Kilgore Mercantile & Music. We’re eager for the grand opening.

FRIENDS recently mentioned how geeky this particular column has become in recent months.

YES. Yes, that’s true. But hear us out on this next one…

IT was 35 years ago that “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” had its wide release in May 1984 – with a PG rating. Yet it had some extreme, dark content amid the wisecracking tomb raider’s adventures.

AT that time, however, there was nothing between PG and R, and you’ll find plenty of films before that wouldn’t classify as kid-friendly, even with Parental Guidance, but didn’t quite meet the threshold of Restricted. Director Steven Spielberg redirected the outcry from parents into developing a new rating with the Motion Picture Association of America. It became PG-13, “Red Dawn” bore it first in August 1983, and Hollywood has been celebrating since – six of the top 10 highest-grossing domestic films of all time are PG-13.

WHY the preamble?

NEXT week, we’re as excited as you that the City of Kilgore is sponsoring a free screening of Spielberg’s “Jaws” at Kilgore City Pool Thursday evening. The pool opens at 7:30 p.m. and showtime’s at 8:30 p.m.

THAT said, it’s rated PG – but from 1975 in the pre-PG-13 era. Shark attacks, gore, naughty language and some other content not kosher for kiddoes. Your call: the city’s not restricting attendance, but it’s not an all-ages event, targeted instead for teenagers and older.

MEANWHILE: “You’ll never go in the water again.”

ACCORDING to the dictionary, petrichor “arises from a combination of volatile plant oils and geosmin released from the soil into the air and by ozone carried by downdrafts … The word was introduced by the Australian mineral chemists Isabel Joy Bear (born 1927) and Richard Grenfell Thomas (†1974) in “Nature of argillaceous odour,” Nature, vol. 201, No. 4923 (March 7, 1964), pp. 993-95.

THE word was created from petr(o), i.e. related to stone, and ichor, the liquid (rather than blood) throws through the veins of the Greek gods.


July 13: Arlene McDonald, Virginia Long, Mrs. A.P. Merritt Jr., Betty Jo Jeter, Blair Phillips, J. Phillips, Sylvia Bolding, Eva Mae Mills, Jack Coombs, Nicole Kidwell, Gloria Jones, Jenna Warlick, Jennifer Johnson, Sammy Henley Sr., Sam Mallett, Michell Fout, Bret Hedrick, Kelly Brown, David Pentecost Jr., Mrs. Denny M. Smith, Michelle Daniels, Chad Lundgreen, Angela Price

July 14: Dr. John C. Austin, Addie B. Smith, Fannie Smith, Jason Shafer, Kara Camille Lacy, Mary Ann Russell, Linda Melton, Cecilia Johnson, Lindsey Waldrop, Jill Harton, Catherine Collins, Martha Rorschach, Kathy Morgan, Karen Patterson, Kenny Nail, Denise Camp, Randall Clark, Johnny Walker Sr., Donald Badger, Jamar Murphy, Charles Kellingsworth

July 15: Johnny Ethridge, T.H. English, Gene Fout, Laurie Thrower Day, Natalie Harris, Mrs. Melvin Spruill, William G. Stovall, Leana Laws, Glenn Wood, Iva Elam, Jamie Johns, Tonya Shelly, Kim Faulkner, Teresa Audas, Betty Thrower, Edna Jones, Tess Riley, Mary Nell Douglas, Robert Wilson, Gary Boyd, Kindred Fortson, Daniel Decker, Gerald Cubine, Mrs. A.J. Phipps, John Nations, Traci Ruston, Matthew Compton, Sonia Levingston, Deana Hutson, Zion Jackson, Justin B. Shires, Lee Kellingsworth

July 16: Justin Mercer, Susan Reinbach, Traci Shafer Powell, Betty Vanderlinden, Todd Shelley, Theresa Walters, Melissa Dinger, Cody Eugene Herring, Dolores Brasher, Jane Terrell, Rebecca Partain, LaQuinta Fuller, Ray Jackson, Athena Sampson, Kay Turner, Jonathan Ray, Melinda Payne, Mae Nell Dudley, Chance Bailey, Larry Rossum, Jon Ray, Dana Brightwell, Fannie Mae Smith, Colin Lance Nichols, Jason Gough, Daniel McKnight


July 13: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Graham, Chris and Melissa Kirbow

July 14: Albert and Scarlet Chitwood, Mr. and Mrs.Billy Billingsley, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Sanders

July 15: Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Harvey, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ballenger, Alain and Jill Gee, Sanford and Nelda Stein

July 16: Dan and Shirley Pratt


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