“Everybody’s got to believe in something. I believe I’ll have another beer.”

– W.C. Fields

IN our defense, there’s a short supply of quotes about Oktoberfest. W.C. Fields will have to do. Granted, there’s a lot more on tap in the City of Kilgore’s Oktoberfest celebration than beer – though there will be plenty of that, too, along with pretzels, brats, sauerkraut, oompah music, games, feats of strength (a.k.a. the stein-holding competition) and more.

WE’LL be there, sweating in our lederhosen. Prost!

WE know Charlie Walker will be in the crowd – where people gather, there’s Charlie – so watch out for flying sno-balls.

FANTASTIC turnout Friday night at Kilgore Boys & Girls Club’s 2019 Draw Down Fundraiser. It’s always uplifting to see people lining up to fuel the donation-funded youth program.

FOR those of us who give directions by landmarks, it doesn’t get much better than “across from the derricks,” “under the derricks,” “near this-derrick or that-derrick.” There really is no place like Kilgore, folks.

SPEAKING of which, double-bass player Scott Mulvahill will be performing in the Texan Theater Wednesday evening (that’s two blocks south of the Acre’s derricks), and we hope you’ll enjoy the free concert while showing Scott why Kilgore’s also known for its hospitality.


October 5: Katie Honea, Jessica Hargrave, Angela Rossum, Sharon Walker, Jason Randolph, Doyle Lawhorn, Annie Mae Palmer, James Allen Roberts, Verner Laird II, Bob Barbee, Suzanne Hunter, A.E. Gazette, Jaleesa Roberts, Melissa Phillips, Diane Sibley Bell, Lanetta Williams, Renee Routon Smith, Adrian Canchola, Ma’kiyan Moye, Jerease Butler, and Kayedean Barker.

October 6: Beverly Stovall, Juliandra Morton, Teresa Williams, Mrs. Fred Hughes, Amber Jean Horton, John Hanisee, Sandra Miles, Eddie Montgomery, Cyndy McFarland, Michael L. Smith, Doug Hageman, Kenneth Smart, Clarence Chastain, Dolores Hughes, Mike Conner, Tyshona Roberts, Lori Anne Dean

October 7: Robert Martin, Bobbie Bryant, James Roberts, John Jones, Mrs. Clara Roberts, Phyllis Waldron, Sandy Sands, Joshua Hosker, David Wayne Griggs, Clyde Ray Frazier, Robert Anderson, Simone Gill, Gaynell Beall, Autumn Kinsey, Bill Baker, Kelly McName, Libby Staples, T.L. Walker, Ferol Hollowell

October 8: Kirk Shield, Sam Ballard, Ryan King, John Maxwell, Monique Dennis, Rick Carter, Carl David Stevens, Laine Phillips, Myrtle Sue Jones, Jo Ann Haskins, Ruby Kerksey, Janice Richard, Ahmed Williams, Derek Santos, Carla Moore, Jeff Nestleroad, Judy Cotton, Mildred Wharton, Sharon Slemmons, Ann Engleking, Shannon Watson, M.L. Tidwell, John Swaim, Kenneth Plunk, Erika Hernandez, Brandye Hargrave, Stephen McClellan Bearden, Renonia Jordan, Benny Trejo, Dan and Shirley Platt


October 5: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan Jr.

October 6: Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Jones

October 7: Mr. and Mrs. Obie Clayton, Tulley and Joy Borders



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