James Draper (Mug)

James Draper

“I remember my mother’s prayers, and they have always followed me. They have clung to me all my life.”

– Abraham Lincoln

SAVE the date: Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation will announce the 2019 Derrick Award in a special reception at the Old Post Office History & Art Center at 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 28, recognizing “people who matter helping us preserve places that matter.”

GOOD news travels fast – Tuesday night’s business development headline about Wagner Tuning was shared more than 2,025 times from the KNH website and Facebook.

CONGRATS to Amanda Nobles, her team at Kilgore Economic Development Corporation and all those who helped draw the German high performance auto parts manufacturer to Kilgore, and willkommen to those future Kilgoreites.

YOUR next chance for a great homecooked meal and some BINGO prizes is 6 p.m. Thursday at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Look in Wednesday’s edition for details about the great menu sisters Julie Beck and Carrie Jackson are putting together with their team of volunteers.

THE Texan Theater’s original repertoire was Westerns, and there’s a classic coming back May 16: Kilgore Main Street Program and KHPF will screen “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” that night, free to all comers. Come at 6 p.m. to learn about efforts to preserve the Dean-Keener-Crim Home before the feature presentation.

ANY donations collected during the free movie will benefit ongoing renovations at Kilgore’s oldest residence.

IT’S pretty clear we’ve reached the stage of human civilation where there is one great, universal set of USB thumb drives. None of us actually purchase them for ourselves because clearly none of us have any claim to any one flash drive. They just float from person to person to person, never being formatted, just endlessly collecting random memes from random computers and occasional, inscrutable spreadsheets.

SERIOUSLY, though, if you’re missing a flash drive, it may be at the Kilgore News Herald.

THAT said, Rachel, sorry, but your’s is simply to cool to give back.

WE tip our hat to 4 Star Cinema owner and operator Byron Berkley, and to his staff, for the great film festivals they put on twice a year. The most recent wrapped this week, but you can start planning ahead to get your indie film fix again in the fall.

OUR hearts go out to our neighbors in Sabine, Longview and surrounding areas after this week’s wretched weather – and to those here still recovering from Kilgore’s hard-hit in March.

THERE’S one in particular we’re thinking of, and Happy Mother’s Day to all those we know and those we don’t.

LOVE you, mom.


May 11: Annette Castles, W.R. Crim, Bart Crowley, Judy Sheffield, Darryl Primo, Mrs. J.C. Manning, Susan Metcalf, Lane Barrett, Anna Mae Smith, Rena Dykes, Mrs. J. Robert McCollum, Devin Warren, Joseph Sullivan, Lindsey Toon, Keli Cole

May 12: Bill Brantley Jr., Martha A. Clark, Gypsey JoAllen Jones, Brialyn Mellucca

May 13: T.H. Anderson III, Judy Hill, Jeana Phipott, Woodrow Drennan, Elaine Berkley, Truman Lee Taylor, Jessie Jones, Charles Driver, Johnny C. Moore, Rexanna McCubbin, Danny Goodwin, Anne Turk, Marchale Glasco Clark, Chloe Reeves, Mildred L. Brittain

May 14: Tim Holt, Judy Hill, Andrew Daniel, Pat Carr, Glynn Keeling, Glen Brooks, Keenon Pegues, Joy Swetnam, Justin Walker, Wren Michel, Marilyn Harris, Todd Littlefield, Felicia Baird, Ruel Jackson, Gretta Foster, Ethan Splawn


May 12: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brantley, Jack and Mary Bernethy

May 14: Mr. and Mrs. Winn Pegues, Joe and Mary Jo Semlear



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