“Don’t let the mind limit what an able heart can do.”

– Robert M. Hensel

YOU’LL see a lot of life downtown Saturday as the 8th annual Special Abilities Family Fun Event draws special needs children and adults, their families and caregivers – they’re SAFFE Day’s Everyday Heroes – for free food, activities, entertainment and more. The festival’s open to everyone to come out and celebrate, free, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


DON’T fret the heat: SAFFE Day’s volunteer organizers have secured some cooling stations and lots of bottled water to help everyone enjoy the day.

VOTE now: Kilgore Chamber of Commerce wants your opinions on the best business in Kilgore. Submissions are being collected on Facebook (you can find the post on the Kilgore News Herald’s timeline), and nominations need to be in as soon as possible to be considered ahead of the 2019 STAR Gala. The top three businesses nominated for the new People’s Choice Award will receive two free tickets to attend the Oct. 14 event.

OTHER awards during the event include Citizen of the Year, Small and Large Business of the Year, Industry of the Year and Educator of the Year.

WE always look forward to a text from Julie Beck as she reveals the monthly menu for Kilgore Boys & Girls Club’s BINGO dinner fundraiser at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. September’s event lands this week, beginning at 6 p.m. at 314 N. Henderson Blvd.

Julie, sister Carrie Jackson and their team of volunteers will be serving up some appetizers along with “More” casserole plus cinnamon peaches, French bread and green salad. Dessert will be strawberry cake and chocolate brownies, washed down with tea, water or lemonade.

FOR adults, dinner is $12, and it’s $7 for children 12-and-younger. BINGO begins about 7 p.m. with cards at $10 each or three for $20.

OUT of 195 entries, Reel East Texas Film Festival and its panel of volunteer judges have narrowed the field to 86 selections, plus a score of college and high school projects, all to be screened in the Texan Theater and Texas Broadcast Museum Nov. 14-16 before the third annual awards ceremony Nov. 17.

IF only life’s little challenges could be as easily remedied with a Sharpie.

WE’RE starting to collect details on a variety of fall festivals scheduled throughout Kilgore. Send details for your event – whether at a church, nursing home or some other venue – to jdraper@kilgorenewsherald.com. It’s also about time to start submitting info on Halloween activities. Get them in now so we can help spread the word.

“All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.” – J.M. Barrie , Peter Pan


THE geeks in the crowd will also recognize that quote from SYFY’s “Battlestar Galactica” series (a reboot of the 1978 show) which is, enjoy the irony, being rebooted once again.


September 18: Jennifer Caddell, Duane Landry, Jerrick Massenburg, Cecil Hart, Megan Nicole Smith, Lucille Cline, Thomas Mack Phillips, Nona Gordon, Richard Howell, Trudy Williamson, Fannie Shepard, Beverly Painter, Evelyn Talley, Pam Butler, Benjamin Ray, Dwain Pannell, Johnny J. Mumphrey Sr., Mary Nell Smith, Christi Hallett, Kristin Hudgins, C.C. Hensley Jr., Austen Sinclair, Caitlyn O’Conner, Jade Drinning, Jessica Madden.

September 19: Marti Mason, Trina Geter, Deborah Fuller, Ken Norris, Steve Richardson, Claude McAfee, Nina Mata, Johnny Williams, Patricia Carpenter, Shannon Berkley, Melissa Ray, Detric Ward, Shonna Geter, Andrew Hearne Jr., Mickey Joyner, Annelle Wingfield, Ramona Hawthorne, Janice Cagle, Nell Cox, Theresa Greathouse, Stella Mae Morris, Ashton Conrad, Jeremy Norris, Mattie Olson, Harriet Rubin

September 20: Hayden Sims, Mart Robinson, Ralph Steber, Stacy Boyd, Suzann Little, Bill Oglesby, Lillie Mae Odom, Marie Jones, Stephanie Hensley, Lynn Sanders Anderson, Angela Kate Driver, Shirley Williams, F.M. Sharp, Desiree Hughes, Alex Beck, Cookie Dorsey, Herbert Sale, Charles E. Osborne, Maggie Clements, Clint Mitchell, Buddy Duggins, Frank Rucker, Margie Manning, Keith Norris, Georgia Williams


September 19: Richard and Neva Caldwell



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