James Draper (Mug)

James Draper

“Labor Day symbolizes our determination to achieve an economic freedom for the average man which will give his political freedom realty.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

WE’LL be working hard to sleep in as long as possible Monday morning, then we’ll put in a real effort to relax. Enjoy your Labor Day.

THE 228th Old Farmer’s Almanac arrived in the mail this week, “calculated on a new and improved plan for the Year of Our Lord 2020 … being a Leap Year and (until July 4) 244th year of American Independence.”

WE’RE not the first to say it, but a library card is a key to countless doors, a ticket to innumerable worlds, a passport to the furthest reaches of human imaginations. If you or your child is lacking one, Kilgore Public Library has the answer, waiting for you during (the aptly-named) Library Card Sign-Up Month.

YOU’LL soon see Kilgore Rotarians out-and-about, raising flags along city streets and in neighborhoods around town. The local club’s flag program is one of its most fruitful fundraisers (covering scholarships, dictionaries for local children, shoes for back-to-school season and other endeavors.

IF you’d like to have the stars-and-stripes raised in your yard for each patriotic holiday (the next is Patriots’ Day, Sept. 11), give Rotary Flag Captain Greg Murphy a call at 903-983-0159.

FUN facts about cats: Apparently, cats can heal themselves. According to the (always reliable) Interwebs, a cat’s purr has a frequency ranging from 25 to 150 Hertz which, supposedly, is a frequency that helps muscles and bones thrive and, when necessary, regenerate.

“As a society, we can’t hide from the future. We have to build and own it.” – Andrew Yang

BE kind.


August 31: Marcy Sims, Kelli Dawning, Michael Clements Jr., Jo Ann Colbert, R. Mills Griffin, John Barnett, Rhonda Taylor, Diane Lambert, Bill Linn, Philip Couch, Paul Winningham, A.V. Adams, Jan Holt, Tom Boudreau, Kelly Powers, John Jackson, Libby Lane, Chuck Turner, Wesley Causly, Raymond Caldwell, Rocky Vincent, J.F. Burnett, Susan Warren, Chad Gorman, Blane Sinclair, Mia Wheat, Jaden Roberson, Greg Pool, Fred Kappen

September 1: Callie Cunyus, Sandy May, Somer Connelly, Glenn Jones, Tommy Clayton, Kay Shelburne, Cindy Joyner, Earline McCathran, Carl Wayne Gregg III, Anthony Wayne Wheat, Jerry W. Gungton, Ann Wyche, Otis Taylor Jr., Allison Adams, W.W. Troboy, Mary Zuber, Jason Erwin, Jesse Kellebrew, Bobby Williams, Kay Redd, Mitch Lucas

September 2: Mrs. Kelvin Farrar, Michael Averitte, David Wylie, Mrs. A.S. Kay, Mrs. R.L. Walsh, Mrs. W.T. Stone, Mrs. Ross Webb, Jim F. Griffin Jr., Nancy Majors, Jean Melton, Bruce Carroll, Wayne Knighton, Curtis Neal Hutto, Henry Earl Williams, Maggie Dent, Evelyn McGills, Pali Shankles, Sara Berden

September 3: Sheila Baty, Nona Taylor, Debra Renae Jentes, Kari Ann Guess, Clint G. Howell, Brent Beane, Travis Thompson, Pamela Peterson, Scott Scribner, John David Nix, Donna Young, W.W. Roberts, Kevin Dorsey, Travis Driver, Billy Bynum, Ray Haskins, Jo Lynn Brasher, Paul Hanover, Scott Barber, Everett English, Starr “Rainy” Burdwell, Anna Bess Hedrick, Ralph Plaxco, Margaret Roberts


August 31: Mr. and Mrs. Tim Anderson, Wesley and Shara Jobe

September 1: James and Nell Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Denny M. Smith, Robert and Debbie Copeland, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jamerson, Caroll and Sandra Huffman, Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson, James and Leola Guess, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elder III, Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Hunter

September 2: Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Allen

September 3: Mr. and Mrs. James C. Waggoner, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Strickland, Mr. and Mrs. Ross Webb, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Madden



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