“Be excellent to each other.”

– Bill & Ted

IT’S always nice to report on random acts of kindness. This week, Carrie Jackson heard the mewling of a kitten coming from a storm sewer downtown and jumped to the rescue in the midst of a rainstorm.

ACCORDING to her sister, Julie Beck, local Perry Walker was driving home from work and saw Jackson scrambling to save the kitty. Perry jumped in as well, and the little cat is now safe and sound. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lovelace also lent a hand, Julie says.

COINCIDENTALLY, June is National Adopt-a-Cat Month.

WE love random holidays (Friday was National Donut Day – we celebrated). They include the most bodacious day of June 9: that is, Bill & Ted Day. With the third installment in that most excellent series, “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” coming sometime in the future (or is it the past?), we’ll be partying on Sunday – it’s the anniversary of the day the tubular duo’s adventures began in 1988.

THE City of Kilgore’s Sonya Waters has steadily been schooling us on Aussie lingo (ripper!), and we can now personally, gratefully vouch for the delicious candy available in the land down under, such as the Crunchie bar (Cadbury chocolate on a “hokey pokey honeycomb”). Crikey, it’s good.

DON’T forget tonight’s free dive-in movie being hosted by the city. The final act of the “How to Train Your Dragon” franchise begins at 8 p.m. following a 7:45 p.m. ribbon cutting on the revitalized Kilgore City Pool.

IN a “we know that name” moment this week, national media picked up a June 3 report from Lindale economist M. Ray Perryman and his team. Per their analysis, if the United States imposes (and maintains) a 5% tariff on Mexican goods, it “would likely cause costs to U.S. consumers and businesses to rise substantially” alongside a cost in hundreds of thousands of U.S. jobs.

WE’VE reprinted The Perryman Group’s release on page 5A with a link to the analysis itself.

IT’S a little sad to think how excited a person could be to learn of the FCC’s decision to give mobile carriers the green light to “aggressively block” robocalls. Our excitement should be understandable, however, considering Friday’s first robocall rang at 8:09 a.m. from a spoofed number out of Longview.

LONG live call blocking.


June 8: James Owens, Randa Watson, Becky Rossom, Jason Lee Willbourn, Bernice White, Todd Harrington, Jerry Bass, Camie Owens, Danny Nixon, Mrs. Lloyd Shields, Dotti Harris, Mrs. Pete Keiser, J.A. Sullivan, Matthew McFarland, Dr. Terry Ray, Robert Taylor, Jill Wright, Rod West, Merlene Coffey, Lonnie R. Lewis

June 9: Morgan Bonner, Lou Ann Morse, Jennifer Anderson, Martha Lawrence, Jessica Henson, J.D. Beverly, Felicia Daniels, Rebecca Young, Bobby Huey, Mary Moore, Kristy Osborne, Lloyd Skinner, Randy Driver, Brandon Waller, Tim Hartnett, Mabel Clark, Samantha Henry, Vincent Lundgren, Rod Olson

June 10: Kim Nelson, Geoffrey Eneman, Penni Mitchell, La Crisha Painter, Mrs. Hollis Lee, Gary Bollinger, Robin Mumphrey, Ethan Herring, Jerry Brown, Doris Bolt, Ebony Pegues, Clyde M. Ponder, Teresa Isaac, Lance Dent, Peggy Messer, Janice Connor, Auryana Fagans, Ryan Price

June 11: Vincent Lee Ramirez, Dianne Miller, Cynthia Sorrell Cole, Will Williams, Matthew Linn, Jay Day, Blake Hightower, Deonte B. Colbert, Wes Ronning, Katie Stalcup, Don Thrash, Bob Butler, Kelly Bentle, Mary Beth Briggs, William Linn, Cheryl Rowe, Stephanie Schrader, Meredith Long, Kamia Jackson


June 8: Mr. and Mrs. Freddie Forth, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Covington, William and Marjorie Stephenson, Milton and Lisa Frazier

June 9: Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Blackmon, Mr. and Mrs. Duane Deen, Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Edmondson, Chris and Quenna Olson, Tim and Dee Harnett

June 10: Mr. and Mrs. Neil Copeland, Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Beverly, Ken and Ginger Becker

June 11: Charles and Lisa Stafford, Eugene and Beverly Moore


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