“Love the trees until their leaves fall off, then encourage them to try again next year.”

– Chad Sugg

TOWARD the end of the year, we realize how often we use the words “one of our favorite events” to describe Kilgore’s various activities across the calendar.

THAT said, downtown’s annual derrick lighting hosted by Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation is one of our favorite events in our corner of East Texas, not just for the homegrown entertainment and (growing each year) the winter carnival atmosphere, but for that moment when stars light-up all around.

YOU’LL notice, of course, the giant switch that’s used is made of wood, and there are no cables snaking away. No, the magical moment of sparking the derrick stars comes thanks of KHPF volunteers manning switches and carefully coordinating to simultaneously throw smaller switches on the Acre and elsewhere.

THE event runs 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. Expect the seasonal starlight at about 6:30 p.m.

WE were both right. Which makes us both wrong, but that’s OK.

OVER a breakfast of Burrito Shop pancakes Thursday morning, a former KNH co-publisher who-shall-not-be-named took issue with a description of the old Masonic Lodge building at the corner of N. Kilgore Street and North Street as ‘art deco.’

WITH next week’s breakfast riding on the answer, we consulted Kilgore’s architectural arbiter. Per Harry Crouse, “That particular building is not a particular style. The top of it is Greek revival. The middle part is kind of art deco. It’s a bunch of different styles.”

WHICH makes us “kind of” right but mostly not. Agree to disagree, next week’s meal is Dutch treat.

KIM Gore has a couple of reminders for you: Next week is National Collection Week for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Forest Home Baptist Church will have an opening ceremony at its annex building at 2 p.m. Monday. Also, a month from now, Gore and volunteers from Kilgore Improvement & Beautification Association will take their annual Christmas lighting tour throughout the city, beginning about 5:30 p.m. Dec. 16. Make sure your decorations are lit, and nominate spots via kimgore04@gmail.com.

ACCORDING to MentalFloss.com, a very enlightening corner of the Interwebs, “Dutch treat” first appeared in print in 1873 in a Baltimore editorial. As far as its roots, “It was a point of pride among the German immigrants to never be beholden to anyone and to only purchase what they could afford. This attitude was pervasive throughout the community, and it was a given that when a group went to a place of entertainment or refreshment, each person would pay his or her own way.”

“November at its best – with a sort of delightful menace in the air.”

– Anne Bosworth Greene


November 16: Ida Bell Liner, Leanne Hunter, Kellie Blakely, Alyssandra Garza, Amy Lemly, Joshua Paul Odom, Stephen Cline, James Heard, Corine Odom, Doug Clayton, Barbara Burleson, Dickey Anderson, Greg Stephens, Mandy Wright, Johnny Khan, Stephanie Jordan, Barbara Dukes, Vicki Echols, Margaret Cibele, Gentry Clark, Jared Bryan, Mary Grush, Zach Holley, Christi Glasco, Michael Mapps, Calvin L. Williams III, David Kinyon, Jaden McDonald, Tony Gordon Jr.

November 17: Valerie Suriano, Josie Allen, Dimi DeSantis, Tammy Wilson, Matt Moore II, David Harwell Sr., Jill Carpenter, George D. Richardson Sr., Louise Brady, Jimmy Dean, Dwight Dorminy, Homer Pruitt, Norma Weller, Mrs. Joe Holt, Bertha McElhinney, Jill Singletary, Barbara Whitaker, Jo Ann Crawford, Vicky Fussell, Lorraine Taliaferro, Adeline Roling, Zein Vaughn, Mandy Quinlan Mrozinski, Jamal Noble

November 18: Tony Moore, Jean Austin, Anthony Coleman, Lisa Ann Ancelet, Dollie Mae Luster, Casey D, Cooper, Laurie Comer, Brandon Welch, Mary Caddell, Darnetta Strong, H.J. Holland, Charlotte Rhodes, Christopher Hinton, Carlos SanJuan.

November 19: Rick Jones, Brandy Patton, Betty Fowler, Kaye Watson, Barbara Young, Joe Johnson, Robert Garcia, Chris Mount, Irene Shepard, Joe Beall, Phyllis Nelson, Daniel Samford, Barbara Thurmand, James E. Ware, Nora Jo Fox, Anissa Tomlinson, Mark Gaudet, Jimmy Smith, Mark Killingsworth, Billy Clarke, David F. Hooker, Dianne Lyle, Jan Elliott


November 17: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Utzman, Fred and Barbara Jackson  

November 18: Mr. and Mrs. Roger Timms



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