“Yes, we have

no bananas.”

THE quote comes from the first movie shown in the Crim Theater, “Only Angels Have Wings” (1939). We’re pretty sure angels would have burst into flame Friday afternoon, which happened to be the summer solstice, as well-wishers braved the heat to offer ‘many happy returns’ to the Crim on its 80th birthday.

IT’LL be another hot one today – stay hydrated and be careful in the sun. We’ll be drinking lots of water and layering on the sunscreen because we’re not going to miss the Kilgore Children’s Arts Festival and ChalkFest at Kilgore City Park.

WEAR your most colorful sun hat, and we’ll see you there.

RANDOM things we learned this week (and, perhaps, should have known already)…

HALLIBURTON employees are in the midst of the 100th anniversary of the global operation – congratulations to all our locals who work for the company.

AMBULANCES on a call – whether an emergency to not – must stay within the posted speed limit but can (with specific, case-by-case approval) travel at up to but not more than 15 miles per hour over the limit.

WE’RE not the only ones who feel mildly offended, somewhat inadequate and, honestly  a little threatened, when a computer makes us “Click on pictures that contain cars” to prove we’re human.

Facts matter.


June 22: Barry Slider, Jim Anderson, Ronnie Nix, Ruth Medlock, Eric Honzell, Lulu Rodgers, Richard Harrison, Denny Smith, Kelly Dickey, Wanda Gunn, Demarko Dennis, Carleton Knotts, Shirley Howard, Deana Covin, Cynthia Franklin, Glenda Raby, Tawana Henderson, Whitley DeAnn Anthony, Eddie Gene Jackson, Tiffani Nix, Shelbi Lynn Kirbow, Jacob Culberson

June 23: Travis Bradford, Sherry Armstrong, Bryan Jeffrey, Dr. R.B. Echols, Mitchell Dickson, Barbara Martin, Paula Johnson, Patricia Humphrey, Kristy Birdsong, Eva Mae Hicks, Bob Bryant, Stephanie Evans, Corey Bobbitt, Robert Jones, Jennifer Camilla Rowe, Gloria Cochran, Christine Sgekely

June 24: Glynda Hale, Ginger Butts, Megan Tanner, Andrew Terrell, Judy Crowston, Nickolas Van Meter, Loretta Leach, Ben Wells, Vivian Sharp, Robert Cibele, Linda Danners, Kit Fontineau, Martha Howeth, Ruth Ann Camp, Dan Stalcup, Henry Womack, Joe Riley, Bill Langridge, Charles Osborne, Matthew Clary, Tonya Kennedy, Keith Danners, Jackson Alexander Rosas, Ginger Beets, Alaina Smith.

June 25: Randy Jordan, Barbara Nicks, Wade Hampton, Max Reinbach Jr., Dr. Charles Whiteside, Rhonda Kay Johnston, Mike Early, Shad Collum, Daron Wade, Kenneth Wayne Taylor, Harold Brown, Ethel Hayes Palmer, Bessie Boden, Kelton Roach


June 22: Robert and Janet Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Cline

June 24: George and Ruth Wood

June 25: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Reagh, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bain, Brenda and Richard Thornhill, Gary and Kim Krantz


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