“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.”

– William Faulkner

WE’RE grateful this week for 10-year-old Edgar Rodriguez who helped save the life of his cousin, Aryanna, at Kilgore City Pool last week. Well done, young man. We’re grateful for the lifeguards, the firefighters, the paramedics, the doctors, nurses and everyone else who had a hand in her rescue and recovery.

THEY tell us she’s home and doing well. Thank God.

WE hear Ofc. Josh Vercher is looking forward to the end of his 15 minutes of viral fame. The story of Chato the Pit Bull hijacking (temporarily) Ofc. Vercher’s cruiser has made its lap around the world. Per Kilgore PD, he’s “up to his knees in beef jerky” after the pup chowed down on the patrolman’s snack.

SAVE your beef jerky or send it to another good home. Meanwhile, “Although we’ve given Josh heck for letting his vehicle be hijacked, he took it all in stride.”

THE fuse is lit, the clock is ticking: Kilgore Historical Preservation Foundation’s David Reeves will pull a winner in the Dean Keener Crim Home fundraiser raffle Thursday. It’s $25 per ticket for a chance to win a $100 floral arrangement by David each month for a year.

WE’VE seen those arrangements – it’s a huge prize as David works on his other passion, revitalizing Kilgore’s oldest home. Call 903-984-3038 to purchase one of the remaining tickets.

SAID it before, but it’s really nice to see the stars-and-stripes flapping throughout town at each patriotic holiday. Thanks to Kilgore Rotarians (and the supporters of their fundraiser flag program) for making it happen.

THANKS, too, to the City of Kilgore employees who strung that great bunting downtown.

CONGRATS to our friend, Victor, proud to be an American.


July 3: Olivia Barnes, Corey Blake Valdetero, Jamie Woolley, Rudy Roberts, Doris Campbell, Kelsey Clayton, Gwen Ward, Frankie Griffin, Marie Rentz, Mrs. J.R. Thompson, Sandy Sanches, Jay Calvin Williams, Lesa Madden, Ty Cundieff, Buruk Mitchel David Holbrook, Kelly Custer

July 4: Mary Ann Sellers, Susan Wright, Mac Blackstone, Paula Kneeland, Debbie Northcutt, Ed E. Hughes Jr., Teresa Anderson, Bill Joiner, Barbara Ashberry, Frank Baggett Sr., Denise Perry, Mary Hendrix, Jim Mac Wood, Mrs. Britt Dozier, Evelyn Thurmond, Tanya McCarty, James Christopher Baker, Jeane Linthicum

July 5: Caitlin Quinlan, Mickea Anne Smith, Yvette Craig, Billie Lee, Sean Kennedy, Lynn Haily, Leticia Ortiz, Cindi Michelle Wade, Margaret Wilson, April Ward Johnson, Dan Taylor, Max Neel, Elmer Leighton, Wayne Honnsel, Mrs. Pearlie Rossum, Donnie Paul Franklin, Danny Presley, Reggie Daniels, Rachael Lindsey, Adrian Williams, Carson James Lenoir, Jonn Pool, Kelby Free, Antonio Laredo


July 3: Lee and Debbie Layman

July 4: Mr. and Mrs. B.T. Cherry

July 5: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Merritt


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