“Live long and prosper.”

– Spock

WE hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving, too. Get your Merry Christmases ready – 25 days and counting.

IN the meantime, Reel East Texas Film Festival needs your input for this year’s Christmas Movie Marathon in the Texan Theater, set for Saturday, Dec. 14, during Christmas in Kilgore downtown. Log on to tinyurl.com/RETFFchristmas and help the nonprofit film festival choose which Christmas classic (old or new) to feature in the primetime spot later this month.

IF you want to make the Nice list, be sure to bring candy canes to Santa Flavious and Joshua the Elf tonight during Mingle & Jingle downtown. We’ll be there, of course, and hopefully our visiting St. Nick stand-in won’t hold the Pine Nutz oompah band’s missed notes against us.

BRAINS! The University of Texas at Tyler is offering a three-credit course we know people will be dying to take – “Zombie Outbreak: Biology of Disease” satisfies STEM requirements for non-science majors. Key questions include: Is it possible to reanimate dead tissue? How do we know if it is an outbreak? Are they mutants? Are they toxic? Are they contagious? How can we stop the outbreak?

WE can only hope the horticulture department comes up with a partner program, “How to wield a shovel with deadly accuracy.”

THANK you, Leah Lowery, for helping keep us in the loop on happenings at Sabine Middle School: “Congratulations to our November Students of the Month who were nominated by teachers based on their outstanding academic performance, character, behavior, effort, and attendance, including Joe Ray, Landry Griffith, Alyssa Waller, Cora Cline, Montana Morris, Hudson Pepper, Cade Silvertooth, Aron Naranjo and Gauge Needham.

YES, we’ve used the quote before, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves:

“Build a man a fire, and he’ll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.”

– Sir Terry Pratchett

FACTS matter.


November 30: Kelsey Jackson, Faye Carroll, Andy Adamez, Debbie Grant, Rob Ekstadt, Jimmy Leach, Sonya Bynum, Tonia Bynum, Berniece Balusek, Kriscinda Moore, Bud Chitwood, Tracy Fry, Cheyenne Smith, Meagan J. Clark, Christopher Oglesby, Alan Garner, Dexter Guin, Alan Ruth, Cheryl Riley, Steve Philpott, Dustin Odom, Doug Olson.

December 1: Irene Harvey, Sammy Morris, Danny Goode, John Paul Kulak, Craig Steelman, Alfred Crim, Rhonda Wenger, Richard Caldwell Jr., Kim Boykin, Sami Jowers, Sherry Lockman, Bob Ostrom, Casi Botter, Joe Hale, Jewel T. Proctor, Michelle Haynes, Jill Nieuhiser, Frederick E. Richardson, Brittany Conner, Lottie Batts, Margie Hall

December 2: Peggy Garner, Brandon Smith, Michael Lynn Sadler, Mary Watson, Sarah Smalley, Evelyn Smith, Judy Fisher, Troy Wyatt, Reginald Pegues, Allison Leigh Barbee, Lucinda Mumphrey, Ernest Mumphrey, Michael Clements Jr., Nita Beale, C.J. Fertitta, Huong Thi Pham, Martha McElroy, Norman Copeland Jr., “Lil” Joe Gibson, Javier Lee, Kathyrn Penrose, Mary Nevan Wright, Ashtyn Lucas

December 3: Kalie Kinlaw, Catherine Henderson, Melody Bagwell, Mike Wingfield, Mark S. Dickey, Leta Wade, Janet Jones, Veronica Sanders, Steve Tanner, Van Elaine Stephenson, David Sudweeks, Michael Clements Jr., Justin Harris, Lisa Wallace, Odessey Pace, Janice Benson, Chris West


December 1: Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Danny Webber, Calvin and Regina Williams

December 2: Mr. and Mrs. Erby Muckelroy, Jerry and Signe Reeves

December 3: Mr. and Mrs. Lester Hedges, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Blanchard, John and Janice Benson



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