It can be lonely, arduous work preparing a week’s meals as a solo act, and Kilgore Public Library staffers hope for a more festive atmosphere when they gather food preppers en masse this month.

Set for 5:30 p.m. Nov. 19, the library’s Freezer Meals Prep Party is pretty self-explanatory, according to KPL director Stacey Cole.

“It’s preparing meals that can go in your freezer that you can then pull out that will feed a family of four,” Cole said. Registered participants will receive a specific list of items to buy before they gather at the Community House on Kay Street: “Their proteins, their vegetables, their freezer bags. The library is providing the bulk items like spices, flour and things like that.

“We all come together. You’ve got to chop a few meats, chop some vegetables.  You get it all ready to go in the freezer. You have the benefit of being around others who are doing the same thing as you. You can ask questions. You can talk. You’re not by yourself doing this in your house.”

Would-be participants can find more information at

“When you leave, you have five meals that can feed your family.”

It’s the first event of its kind at the library, a suggestion from children’s librarian Marilyn Kitchens.

“We’re trying to do at least one thing a month aimed at adults,” Cole added. “This is something from a survey we did months ago for things people are interested in.

“There’s no cost except the cost of your groceries.”

For more information, call 903-984-1529.


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