Kilgore Garden Club | Nov. 7

Kilgore Garden Club members gathered Nov. 7 at the home of Joy Tate (center), pictured with Deborah Tanner (left) and Alice Lowry.

The Kilgore Garden Club met Nov. 7 at the home of Joy Tate. After calling the meeting to order, the President, Deborah introduced Gene Keenon for the program.

Mr. Keenon explained the recycling and trash services in Kilgore. He explained several changes that have been made in the past few years. He explained that the Kilgore landfill is large enough to serve our area for approximately 100 years.

A donation will be made to Helping Hands in the name of Mr. Keenon.

Joy Tate read the Gardener’s Prayer. President Tanner expressed her thanks to the hostesses for the meeting, Joy Tate, Alice Lowry and Debbie Tanner.

The minutes were read by Secretary, Carroll Bolton and they were approved as read. The Treasurer, Ann Patterson, gave the treasurer’s report and the report was accepted as stated.

The was no correspondence. Kilgore Garden Club members have received an invitation to the Christmas Auction to be held at the Bolding Barn on December 10. This will be sponsored by Evergreen Garden Club.

There was no unfinished business. Under new business, it was announced that Deborah Tanner would be the new Secretary/Treasurer of the Kilgore Garden Club Council.

It was announced that the next meeting will be on December 5 at the Back Porch. Each member is to bring a gift for exchange.

After all announcements, the meeting was adjourned.

Those attending were Deborah Tanner, Ferol Whitfield, Jean Robertson, Peggy Bowne, Ann Patterson, Darlene Bingham, Gala Baxter, Joy Tate, Melynda Keenon, Pam Tannehill, Carroll Bolton, Kalynn Harrison, and Alice Lowery.

– Carroll Bolton, Secretary.


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