Coterie Club

Katie Hamilton Snell, a Cordon Bleu chef, assisted by her mother Shelly Hamilton, presented the program “A Star in the Kitchen.”

The Kilgore Coterie Club met Nov. 11 at the Episcopal Church. Liz Lockhart introduced the program “A Star in the Kitchen.” The program was given by Katie Hamilton Snell, a Cordon Bleu chef, assisted by her mother Shelly Hamilton. Mrs. Hamilton demonstrated different ways of cutting and garnishing fruit and vegetables. She gave basic instructions on cutting onions, potatoes and bell peppers. With holidays approaching, Mrs. Hamilton gave information on food preparation and cooking temperatures.

Hostesses for the meeting, Brenda Ford and Rachel Brian, provided refreshments, delicious fried pies, pumpkin bread and assorted sandwiches. The tables were beautifully decorated in black and colorful plaid cloths displaying a fall theme with Bromeliad plants on each table.

Members present were Jackie Beane, Sally Beane, Wanda Bittick, Rachel Brian, Evelyn Bolding, Pat Boyd, Margaret Cibele, Brenda Ford, Karlene Gunn, Phyllis Warren, Cristi Langley, Liz Lockhart, Carolyn Martin, Brenda Maxwell, Dianne Miller, Francye Phillips, Joy Tate, India Stroop, Sharon Williams, Betty Mobley, Jan Wylie. It was announced one new member, Jennifer Brown.

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