The Kilgore Church Women met on Friday, April 23 at the First Baptist Church. Eleven women were in attendance, representing three local churches. President Martha Clark opened the meeting with prayer. A short business meeting followed the lunch fellowship.

In the absence of Kim Gore, Secretary, Nita Beale read the January minutes.

Peggy Bowne gave the Treasurer’s report and explained that she had enough food containers for Meals on Wheels deliveries, but that donations to buy these are always welcome. Because Meals on Wheels deliveries could not be made for at least four days in February due to extremely cold weather, Martha reached out to City Manager Josh Selleck to ask if city resources could be used if this happens again. Mr. Selleck suggested that with a plan in place, the city may be able to assist in some way with these deliveries. He forwarded information to the appropriate parties.

Peggy reported that the school supply project will continue in July/August and that we will make a contribution to help. Sherry Lockman, Project Chairman for coordinating churches to provide cakes for monthly birthday parties at two nursing homes, said that activity directors at each should be contacted before dropping off the cakes.

A thank you note from the January speaker, Suma Jayakar, was read by Martha Clark.

As a matter of new business, Martha appointed a nominating committee made up of Pam Pipkin, Nita Beale and Mary Grush for seeking officers to serve in 2022.

Martha introduced the speaker, Carroll Bolton, V.P. of KCW, who spoke about Grave Houses. They are common in other parts of the United States but are not too common in this part of the country. These grave houses actually look like little houses — families who brought this tradition from the ‘old country’ thought they would keep evil spirits away. We are familiar with above ground crypts in South Louisiana where the ground is soft and subject to flooding. These houses are similar. The title of her talk was “Shelters for the Dead.”

The meeting ended with prayers and concerns.

The next meeting will be Friday, July 23, 2021 at 11:30 a.m. The place is yet to be decided.

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