Christmas Carol-KC

Set pieces from Kilgore College Theatre Department’s upcoming “A Christmas Carol: The Radio Play,” set to debut on Thanksgiving.

When the Kilgore College Theatre Department presents “A Christmas Carol: The Radio Play” this holiday season, viewers will be able to enjoy the production from the comfort of their homes.

Tickets are $5 for Kilgore College students and $10 for adults. The film will be available for ticketholders on Thanksgiving. To purchase a virtual ticket, visit

Because of COVID-19 concerns, director Lauren Ufkes said the plan initially was to perform another play that included several vignettes and monologues.

“We felt like that was going to be good because kids could still have on their masks on stage. We ended up canceling that show, but we still had ‘A Christmas Carol,’” she said. “And what makes it so perfect in this pandemic is you have actors spread out throughout the stage, each with their own microphone in front of them.”

Ufkes said many of the students on stage wore multiple hats.

“Our Scrooge initially started out as our costume designer. Another actor on stage, the narrator, was the set designer,” she said. “So, everybody was doing multiple jobs, but we got the job done. And I’m so proud of them for stepping up with all the challenges they faced and being able to pull this off.”

Ufkes said this is the first time the college’s theater department has performed without an audience. However, she said the experience has been rewarding.

“This gives the students a whole new opportunity to not just flex their theater muscles but also be able to start flexing new muscles, like acting for the camera,” she said. “I expect that it’s going to be nothing short of excellent. I really have high hopes for it.”

Ufkes is thankful for those who helped with the production.

“Chip Hale and his production company, Overton Films, had so many different shots and angles throughout the theater,” she said. “With the music we added to this and the incredible lighting and sound design, I think it’s really going to capture the essence of being in a live audience but from the comfort of your own home.”

The virtual production, Ufkes said, is perfect for the holidays.

“We felt it was something that could be released around the holidays, something that is going to be heartfelt and something that’s going to lift people’s spirits while still being safe,” she said.


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