How do you say “welcome back, y’all” in Italian?

Freshmen Kilgore College Rangerettes have just returned from a trip to Italy. Their journey included a performance at the World Bands Challenge 2019, held in Modena.

Along the way, they also took time for sight-seeing in Milan and Bologna while enjoying culture far different from that found in East Texas.

“It was wonderful,” Rangerette Director Dana Blair said Monday.

“We performed in several different locations and visited several different cities in Italy. I don’t know how to describe it. It was just a very cool thing to do.”

The precision dance team’s performance at the international event went over well, she added.

“They were very well-received everywhere they performed, even if people had just met them. They were very impressed with them. It was a good trip.”

The event was the result of an invitation from a festival organizer. They were invited last year but were already booked for a performance at the Basel Tattoo, an exhibition held in Switzerland featuring marching bands and precision drill team performances.

Arrangements were made to schedule the trip for this year.

The freshmen ‘Rettes of the 79th line, along with their sophomore officers, attended the trip to Italy, finding out about the opportunity in a surprise announcement held in the Texan Theater in late April.

For most, it was their first time ever visiting the country or the European continent.

“There were girls who had never been on a plane. There were certainly girls who had never been to Europe,” Blair said.


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