You may have noticed some changes to Etcetera magazine already just by looking at our front cover, readers. We have updated our masthead and decided to start spelling out "Etcetera" in all cases. I'm delighted to let you know that we've also got a whole lot more changes inside the magazine as well.

But first a question we debated while re-vamping the magazine because we're rather nerdy when it comes to words here: When you're spelling out "etc"... is it "etcetera" or "et cetera"? My publisher Alexander says "Etcetera," and — spoiler — that's what we decided on. I took note of the phrase's Latin origin and say you clearly use two words because you're just using the Latin phrase. Merriam-Webster, annoyingly, distinguishes between "etcetera," a number of unspecified additional persons or things, and "et cetera," a Latin phrase meaning 'and others,' especially of the same kind.

So, yes, we went with "Etcetera" as the name. Our magazine's new tagline, "Kilgore's people, places — and the rest" is a nod to the Latin phrase.

This is one of a number of changes we've done in these pages. Our goal has always been to bring you a local magazine about local people, and that's really what our goal is going forward. We want to highlight the special people who make Kilgore one of the best places to live. So going forward, you'll find more features, more photos, more information about things to go and see in the Kilgore area. We'll try to highlight hidden gems and showcase daily life here in Kilgore.

We also want to bring you more lifestyle features on a variety of topics, including books, gardening, pets and history. We're fortunate to live in East Texas, where the opportunities to read local authors or spend time working on beautiful gardens is plentiful. We also want to feature stories and photos from the Kilgore News Herald archives in a new column called "Hour Glass." Hopefully you'll find it just as interesting as I do. This issue's column looks at how Kilgore has celebrated the New Year in the past.

Let me tell you what else we've got in store in this issue. We start with a profile of Luis Guzman, and if you don't know who he is, I bet you've seen his photos of downtown Kilgore on Facebook. Luis is a marvelous photographer who captures the beauty of downtown all year round.

We also have a feature from Linda Ballard on Ms. Bennie Ingram, a longtime nurse at Arbor Grace Nursing & Rehabilitation who is now retired and living at the facility. "Where your family becomes our family" is Arbor Grace's motto, and Linda says it's an apt description of Ms. Ingram's career and retirement choice.

If you've ever thought about getting yourself some backyard chickens, the good folks at Texas A&M have put together a comprehensive guide for you. It's not quite baby chick season yet (spring is traditionally buying season), but we've got all the information you'll need to get your chicks ready for their new home. Just don't blame us if you buy a rooster and find your sleeping disrupted!

I hope you enjoy the changes we've made, and let me make a pitch to you: We want your ideas. Is there someone in Kilgore or Overton or Liberty City we should profile? Do you have an event coming up you want listed in the magazine? Where's the best spot you know to take bluebonnet photos in the spring? You can send any and all ideas, events, photos and tips to:

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