Civic Garden Club ended its 75th year of "celebrating" with the installation of new officers for the 2019-2021 season.  Leadership has been strong through the years of the club's existence since 1941.  Nita Beale, of Evergreen Garden Club, conducted the installation using a humorous theme of "Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?"  Each officer was presented a colored egg with a message inside pertaining to her specific task.  Laughter prevailed as comments were made in answer to the proverbial question.  New officers are Marilyn Martin, president; Pam Horton, yearbook vice-president; Rita Thompson, program vice-president; Patty Sanders, hospitality vice-president; Judy Wilkins, secretary, Martha Clark, treasurer, and Kim Gore, parliamentarian.

Current president, Kim Gore, thanked hostesses Tracie Gaut, Patty Sanders, and Wanda Bittick for the delicious refreshments and lovely red, white, and blue table honoring the new officers.  The business meeting included reports, announcements and signing of cheer cards for absent members.

Lavada Thomas announced the annual winners of the following awards:  Most Horticulture Specimens: (tie) Marilyn Martin and Judy Wilkins; Best Hanging Basket, Patty Sanders; Best Design, Rita Thompson; and Best Collage, Judy Wilkins.

Gore presented gifts to the outgoing officers for their support the past two years.  Alma Nell Farmer was named Garden Clubber of the Year.  Special thanks were given also to Lavada Thomas, Betty Lee, and Ruby Dodgen for their help during her tenure.

Members present were Wanda Bittick, Joy Borders, Martha Clark, Alma Nell Farmer, Kim Gore, Erin Gore, Tracie Gaut, Judy Hammon, Pam Horton, Faye King, Marilyn Martin, Louise Raby, Marian Richardson, Patty Sanders, Lavada Thomas, Rita Thompson, and Judy Wilkins.


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