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Hostesses for the recent Civic Garden Club September meeting were Alma Nell Farmer, Patty Sanders, and Roberta Boggs (not pictured).

Wearing face masks and observing social distancing, members of Civic Garden Club met recently to launch the 2020-2021 club year at the Ponder Playhouse. Hostesses were Patty Sanders, Roberta Boggs, and Alma Nell Farmer.

President Marillyn Martin conducted the meeting with Pat Adams giving the invocation. Presentation of the 2019-2020 President’s Yearbook was made to Martin by Rita Thompson and Patty Sanders. Martha Clark presented the new budget and treasurer’s report.

Pam Horton, Yearbook Chairman, distributed the new yearbooks. The theme for this year is “Kilgore --Our Civic Beauty.” Featured on the cover is a high-kicking Kilgore College Rangerette, who is the daughter and granddaughter of members Tracie Gaut and Patty Sanders.

Program pages feature beautiful pictures of Kilgore beauty such as Shakespeare Garden, St. Luke’s Pumpkin Patch, Christmas Under the Stars, Kilgore Public Library, KIBA Yard Awards, The Depot, David Reeves’ Floral Designs, and the Dickerson historic home.

Thompson highlighted the monthly meetings and explained the new Hostess Color and Baking Tip. She showed a spreadsheet that encapsulated the entire year of programs and activities in an easy-to-read format.

The September Monthly Baking Tip was given by Pat Adams. She shared an easy to make dessert for Rustic Fruit Pie (Crostada) and a list of helpful kitchen hints.

Martin presented gifts to her officers for the past year. She also announced Awards for Most Specimens: (tie) Martha Clark and Judy Wilkins; and Garden Clubber of the Year, Pam Horton.

Louise Raby announced the awards for specimens brought to this meeting: Martha Clark, (5) first; Judy Hammond, (3) first; Patty Sanders (5) first; and Judy Wilkins, (5) first.

Raffle winners were Martin and Diana Ponder.

Members attending were Pat Adams, Wanda Bittick, Joy Borders, Martha Clark, Alma Nell Farmer, Tracie Gaut, Judy Hammond, Pam Horton, Marilyn Martin, Diana Ponder, Louise Raby, Patty Sanders, Rita Thompson, and Judy Wilkins.


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