Meadowbrook Bark

Kilgore’s dog park is going to be re-homed in the next six months, moving away from an area that, far too often, earns the nickname ‘Lake Meadowbrook.’

Parks & Facilities Director Danny Downing this week sought and received Kilgore council members’ blessing on the relocation, getting a green light during the group’s regular meeting Tuesday night to move the beleaguered amenity to less soggy soil.

“What we started out with was a very, very nice park but because of the number of times it has flooded, it has destroyed our fences and amenities in the park numerous times,” Downing said. “At this time, the dog park is closed because of the damage we had from one of the past storms.”

The plan is to recycle as much of the fencing and equipment as possible, taking it only a short jog away to the corner of Houston Street and Crescent. There will still be separate spots for large and small dogs, each space about 210-feet to a side.

Yes, Downing noted, that property is also floodplain, but it’s available and located on the far edge of the sometimes-shore of Lake Meadowbrook.

“Water will just back up to that location, it won’t flow through it,” he added, sparing the site the rushing water and debris that damaged the current dog park.

The space also allows for dedicated parking, something lacking at the current spot.

“We hope, in future uses, we’ll be able to loop the walking trail around this to tie it in,” Downing said. “It’s just really a much more useful location.

“The cost is going to be minimal – we’ll do most of the labor in-house. I’ll probably have to hire a fencing company to come out and stretch the fence, but it’ll be minimal. We’d like to have it completed by spring.”


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