Josh Selleck Mug

City Manager Josh Selleck


■ March 25 – Lone Star Lug Nuts Car Show Downtown

■ March 28 – Regular City Council Meeting; Kilgore City Hall, 5:30 p.m.

■ April 11 — Regular City Council Meeting; Kilgore City Hall, 5:30 p.m.

■ April 15 – Downtown Farmers Market begins


The Martin Luther King Community Center remodeling will begin on April 3.

True Roads is about 90 percent through with their sidewalk and curb and gutter portion of the Main Street Project.

The City is steadily progressing on the road panel replacement.

We had an internal transfer fill our final City Mechanic position.


KPD worked with the Library to create a Dr. Suess-themed interactive crime scene, Green Eggs and Ham Caper, experience for kids. It started out with the crime scene, in which the kids learn how to dust for latent prints. Secondly, they moved into another room to look for evidence in a scavenger hunt. The third part of the adventure had them move to a storyboard to piece the “clues” together to figure out the suspect. And last but not least, participants moved to the last room and made an “apprehension” and receive a reward for solving the crime.

We hosted our quarterly Clergy and Police Alliance meeting with over 35 in attendance. KPD officially received the CAPA donation of the Aardvark Kenetic tool. They had raised nearly $10,000 to purchase and donate this item to KPD. It was a great way for them to give back and show their support of KPD.

The February Employee of the Month is part-time jailer Wade Eadie. He was recognized for being a staff member always looking for ways to serve. He is a calming voice and treats those who find themselves in our jail with respect. He meets our CORE values daily.

The Fire Department and Kilgore Rescue responded to two structure fires over the last two weeks. One on Sycamore Street that was contained to a travel trailer behind a home, and the other on Leach Street that was confined to the kitchen. All crews did a great job in extinguishing the fires to keep them to minimal damage and fire extension.


The City Council approved a zone change for the property at 3219 Stone Road to construct a duplex.

City Staff is working on setting up a meeting(s) with local development experts and ICCBA Board members to review a new Site Development Ordinance. The group will meet to give input on the proposed ordinance before the final draft is presented to City Council.

The Planning and Zoning Board Meeting for March has been cancelled.

Special Service Department hosted a NET Health Spanish language food handler’s class; this was a very popular class with 19 participants.

The City of Kilgore with help from an ETCOG grant will host a tire take-back day on April 22 from 9 a.m. to noon. You may take your passenger/truck tires to 2700 East Texas 31 for disposal free of charge.

As we continue to grow and learn, Special Services Director BJ Owen recently attended continuing education with the topic of Mosquitos.