April Weekends — Avalon Faire

April 12–15 – Rangerette Revels

April 15 – Downtown Farmers Market begins and continues every Saturday

April 25 — Regular City Council Meeting; 5:30 p.m. Council Chambers

April 29 – Kilgore Cruise Night Downtown

May 6-7 – Geekend Downtown


Last year a donor gave money to add shade structures to the Skate Park and to expand the surface of the skate park in a few areas where users indicated a need for more space. This week we were able to complete this project with the addition of approximately 1,400 square feet of concrete.

The new areas will allow the half pipe to be moved east, making way to elongate the run between the bowl and the ramp. Additionally, a seat/wall and curbing were added to the south side of the skate park to help avoid loose boards finding their way into the drainage channel.


The High Service Pump Station Improvements project on FM349 is substantially complete.

The generator and transformer have been installed on the Rabbit Creek Lift Station Improvements project.

The Collection and Distribution crew are demoing a sewer line condition evaluation tool for two weeks. It will help us locate clogged lines and hotspots to aid in more effective clearing.

The air conditioning duct replacement inside the Texan Theater has been completed.

The practice baseball fields on Harris and Martin Streets lighting has been repaired.

The renovations of the MLK Community Center begin next week.


Chief Riley and Chief Henderson attended the annual Fire Chief’s Conference in Waco. It was a great week of networking and education.

The Fire Department conducted “Night Time Live Fire Training” last week. Captain Josh Haynes organized this great instruction that helps prepare firefighters for some of the challenges of fighting fire with little to no visibility.

The Fire Department was honored to be asked to participate in the KBBA Opening Day Parade on Harris Street. The Old 55 Engine led the way.

Kilgore Rescue Unit member Mallory Cook attended an ICS-300 class and participated in the Kilgore Fire Department Live Burn Training this past week. The ICS-300 class is a three day course for personnel that can function in a Command or General Staff position during a large, complex incident or event.

Sgt. Vance Callahan retired from us a little over a year ago but had been working part-time with us until now. As of March 30, he has come back to work for us full-time. Vance is a great asset; we are excited to have him back.

We have two new officers who have completed their pre-service academy and graduated Friday.


Health permits for commercial food establishments and mobile units expire every year at the end of March and must be renewed. The Health Department has been busy processing and issuing permits. So far this month 50 permits have been issued.

As spring arrives so does increase the number of code violations for high grass and weeds. Code Enforcement has already began to see an increase in violations.

Permit application for Camfil-USA located at 5863 Alliance Way has been received and is under review by the development team.

The ZBA/ICCBA Board, along with local developers and engineers, will meet on Monday, April 3 to discuss the newly drafted site development ordinance that will soon be reviewed by the City Council.

The Planning Department is working on updating the shape files in the GIS system with all the filed plats that have been received so far in 2023.


Stacey Cole had an interview that aired on KLove on March 5 and is now on their website.

Hobby Fair was March 24. There were 20 entries. All of the kids did a great job!