It seems to be just an ordinary thing to Christopher “Wyatt” Baker who, with the help of his grandmother, has just published the first of what may be many cookbooks. He takes his interest in cooking in stride, though, and now that the first book has just come off the press, he is ready to move right on with the next best thing, playing with friends.

The book, titled “Baker: Grandma and Me, Easy Recipes Kids Can Cook,” is filled with kitchen basics, safety warnings and tips for kids working around the stove.

“Wash the potatoes real good, but don’t use soap!” the 7-year-old advises.

Grandma, Betty Baker said, “Years ago, when my mother, Lou Ella Mahurin, a well-known cook and caterer in the East Texas area, was alive we had planned to put her recipes in a book. But, that failed to take place. So, the thought of doing one had always been in the back of my mind. One afternoon, when Wyatt was at my house baking cupcakes I asked him what he thought about us making a cookbook. He liked the idea and the next thing I knew I was taking his picture and we were creating our own.

“We did nothing out of the ordinary or pre-planned, he would just come over occasionally and entertaining him was to let him cook. We would bake cakes and other things although he will tell you of all the food we cooked cake baking is his favorite. Of course, he was always a typical kid by wanting to lick the spoons or put icing on his nose. Naturally, I took pictures.”

Wyatt said, “My mother teaches me to cook at my house and my daddy teaches me to cook outdoors on the bar-b-cue grill.” His parents are Kilgoreites Jeri and James Baker.

Grandma furnished the apron Wyatt wears to match the one his dad uses for grilling purposes.

Betty laughingly said, “I just haven’t gotten him to the point of cleaning up the kitchen, yet, but I am still working on that. It did take about three months of him dropping by to compile the 34-page book. His parents knew what we were doing and even gave me written permission because he is a minor. Then when my friend, Ms. Bennie Brown, heard about the cookbook, she volunteered to do the introduction. She did such a wonderful job.

“Thanks to author and publisher Caleb Pirtle the book is now available on Amazon and Kindle. It made me feel really good to know it was accepted by them. Caleb told us how to do all that .”

 The cover was designed by Jutta Medina. To know it is the right one, look for the egg-man. It was Wyatt’s idea.

Finding it hard to schedule autograph sessions with an active school-age young man, autographed books can easily be purchased through Grandma. Betty Baker can be reached at 903-452-9372. As locals know, cooking is just one finger Betty keeps in the pie. Along with her quilting, she also makes aprons of all sizes and is currently making them for two-to-four year olds. You will find them along with Wyatt’s book at the upcoming Clements’ Barn craft event.

Oh, one other thing: Wyatt evidently is quite the entrepreneur as his grandmother posted the following after our interview: “The other day Linda Ballard bought a book and wrote a check. I told Wyatt that we would split the amount, $4 for him and $4 for me. After we got in the car, I took some $1 bills from my purse and gave him four. He looked up at me and asked, ‘Why can’t I have all $8 and you take the check, that way we both will have $8!’ I almost fell for that...he is dangerous. Ha, ha.”

I do think I know which parent he takes that after... and the Master Chef better be prepared when this one arrives on the set.

DID I mention the Clements’ Barn? Christmas at the Barn has been scheduled for Nov. 10 right after church according to Sue Clements.

“It is one day after the Syrup Festival in Henderson,” she said. “And Uncle Wayne will be flipping hamburgers. We have eighteen vendors so far and the limit is twenty. If we need to spread out in the pasture, we will, but I don’t think so at the moment. Oh, and Santa Claus will be here gathering the lists for his trip back to the North Pole. It will be fun!”

THE KILGORE CHURCH WOMEN will be meeting on Friday, October 25 at the First Christian located at 609 East Main Street in Kilgore. New Hope Baptist ladies will be joining First Christian ladies in hosting the covered dish luncheon. Speaker will be Rev. Jeneille LaGrone, pastor of First Christian, who will give a talk as well as sing for the group. Officers for 2020 will also be installed. If further information is needed, you may call Martha Clark at 903-988-1157.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes throughout the week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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