Linda Ballard

Linda Ballard

A major concern across the nation this week has set off alerts and rightly so as it is one that affects our youth. When that happens everyone stands ready to protect in whatever means possible. Vaping, the use of an E-cigarette (electronic or battery operated) is the culprit in this case.

Our medical teams in Kilgore and surrounding areas have been put on full alert on what  to watch for and offer safer means of quitting smoking for those who have tried and to get the warnings out to the youth.

Dr. Kimberley Page, a family medicine specialist in Kilgore and part of the Christus Trinity Clinic Family Medicine said, “To my knowledge there has been no one from my office or associated with our clinic has seen anyone suffering from the symptoms at this point. It is tricky, we are going into the season for respiratory problems and we have to be aware of this added risk.

“As early as (Wednesday) afternoon we received notice from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). They now have 450 possible cases of serious lung problems reported and six confirmed deaths and are currently recognizing the symptoms due to vaping that is causing the deaths. An on-going investigation is taking place. They are asking everyone who is vaping to stop until further notice, especially the youth, young adults, pregnant women and adults with respiratory or heart problems.”

“A lot of patients who are trying to stop smoking have gone to vaping for an alternative way of not burning tobacco. Anyone wishing to stop smoking, I encourage them to go to their primary doctor. As physicians, we have safe and non-threatening means of helping you through one of the hardest addictions there is. We have resources and support. We are here to help.”

Page recommends everyone use extra an level of caution and readily provides a list of symptoms from vaping-related issues.

“What they are seeing is the health issue caused by vaping appears as a severe inflammation of the lungs and could start with a cough, shortness of breath, some chest pains, nausea and vomiting.”

She reiterated the health issue is tricky and forewarns not to take chances if you are not sure exactly what’s happening. Call a primary physician or go to the emergency room. They are there to help.

WHEN JEANNIE BARBER SPEAKS, people listen. At least they did when she sent out the reminder e-mail that everyone needed to be seen at the grand opening of the Overton Family Dental office.

Overton residents, first responders, business associates and friends from neighboring communities arrived in full force to welcome Overton dentists, Doctors Chad Silvertooth and Bryan Sendelbach.  

Dr. Silvertooth is a 1998 graduate of Faith Christian Academy, graduated from Kilgore College in 2000, Texas A&M in 2003 and earned his doctorate in 2008 at the University of Texas School. He practiced in Liberty City before relocating to Overton. His lovely wife, Sarah, who is also from Kilgore, was very instrumental in helping with the last minute touches of remodeling and interior design of the building among other important tasks necessary for the day.

Dr. Sendelbach is also a 2016 graduate of UT School of Dentistry. His last workplace was in Tyler. Both men will be supported in Overton by Dental Assistant Kandis Inabnet, Hygienist Molli Owens and Receptionist Margie McEachern. On dedication Tuesday, McEachern booked Family Dental’s first appointment – it was for Friday the Thirteenth.

Refreshments were served and t-shirts handed out to the large crowd. A special thanks go out to reporter  Joe M. Jones who took numerous photos of the event and gathered information for this column.

KILGOREITES are receiving spam calls regarding false wins to the Publishers Clearing House. This week, they made the mistake of calling Betty Baker, and she outwitted them by asking them to come on over.

Betty said, “The caller stated my name, address and phone number and informed me I had won second place in the Publishers Clearing House. I realized his call came from a phone using Kilgore’s numbers 903-984....

“That’s odd, I told him, I don’t recall entering the contest. He stated I had signed up for it in 2012 and I had won second place of $670,000, and they would deliver the check at noon on Thursday at my house. He then began to tell me they had to collect 50% of the taxes up front. When I told them to just deduct from the amount, he said the check was made out to me and could not be altered. I told him, fine, my lawyer will meet us at noon Thursday to handle the taxes and since you consider me elderly, my lawyer will watch after my best interest. He rambled on about something else that I could not fully understand. I hung up. A couple more times the phone rang and I did not answer. I felt it was to make different arrangements. Needless to say, they did not show up on Thursday.”

Little did they know, she really contacted a lawyer who was a relative and told them about the scam, likewise reporting it to Kilgore Police Department.

WEDNESDAY 9-11 was an emotional day for all of us. May we never forget.

May His Love and His Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or 903-984-2593.


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Thank you, Ms. Ballard, for bringing attention to the harms of vaping! Here are the latest links to CDC information. and Thank you! - Dr. Kimberly Page

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