Linda Ballard

Linda Ballard

Labor Day is upon us. It is a day that honors the American labor movement and contributions that workers have made to the development and growth of our country. It is always celebrated on the first Monday in September allowing workers to celebrate a long weekend of last official holidays off until the winter season begins.

In East Texas, especially in the rural areas, the hum of mowers and tractors will be heard throughout the whole of Labor Day weekend.

“Ranchers and farmers rarely get a day off, “ said Eddie Holley, owner of Kilgore Feed Company. “Most of them work a day job then go home to work the fields. This Labor Day they will be out trying to find hay to cut, bale, or will be busy spraying weeds. Although not yet critical, the need for hay is definitely here. It rained so much early on in the summer that we couldn’t get in the fields to do the work. The rainy season went directly into 100 degree temperatures and much of the hay has burned up. In East Texas, you can bet, they will be out working.”

Eddie alluded to the farming program featuring Horace McQueen. He reminded everyone at the end of his show that in Texas you were always two weeks away from a drought.

“We are in one now.”

Debbie Harvey, owner of Stone Road Farm and Garden says, “That is true. I totally agree. When I get less than a tenth of an inch of rain at my house, we are definitely high and dry. When you have to start feeding cows hay before September 1, it needs to rain. Pray for rain.”

The weather forecast for Labor Day Weekend shows sunny, slightly cooler with 10% chance of rain. But, again, we are in East Texas and we all know tomorrow is a new day weather-wise.

MOUNT KILGORE is the nickname now given by on-lookers to the mounds of dirt in front of Arbor Grace of Kilgore Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as construction of their new 20,000 square foot expansion continues to move forward.

Interim Administrator, Jules Broussard said, “Everything seems to be on schedule for the completion date of June 2020. No delays so far that I am aware of.” The mounds of dirt moved in preparation of pouring of the foundation has definitely kept the curiosity of passersby.

NEWCOMERS and some old-comers do not realize the hedges in front of Kilgore Public Library are shaped in the form of a star. Kilgore’s motto is “City of Stars.” Down the road, it was the Kilgore Improvement and Beautification Association (KIBA) who took on the responsibility of keeping up the hedges that spell “Kilgore” in the island between two of the city’s major thoroughfares. City of Kilgore personnel are essential to that upkeep as well. Since its beginning KIBA has been a very important part of Kilgore beautification efforts.

DAVID STROUD’S PODCAST continues to grow in numbers especially after his last podcast called Battle Above the Clouds. It was placed on Soundcloud at 11:30 p.m. on Aug. 15 and has now been played 243 times. Listeners have commented on his podcast being “pure gold.” His total podcast has been played 13,733 times. You can find it listed under Mr. Stroud’s History Class.

OH, YES, I caught the doors open at the Overton/New London Chamber of Commerce this week as Jeannie Barber was outside watering plants upon my arrival. It seems she has received complaints to the contrary. She makes a point to lock the door occasionally to “visit the facilities” and sometimes forgets to unlock it. Just tap on door, she or her puppy will answer.

May His Love and Laughter Fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. We may be reached at 903-984-2593 or


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