Linda Ballard

Linda Ballard

In an address to the House of Commons in 1935, Winston Churchill warned of “the endless repetition of history.” His comments echo a quote by George Santayana in 1905: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The knowledge and wisdom are as one.

The 75th Anniversary of D-Day recognizing the invasion of Normandy by Allied Forces, took place on Thursday of this week across the nation. Many of the churches in Kilgore paid honor to those who fought during their Wednesday evening services.

Pastor Buddy Duggins of Forest Home Baptist Church served in the U.S. Marines and takes it to heart and to the pulpit. He provided a brief history of the invasion; the numerous casualties suffered and brought it to the forefront of how fortunate we were to be Americans.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is Lord,” Duggins quoted Psalm 33:12. “America has been blessed from sea to shining seas; just like the song suggests, we have been blessed with all the natural resources; all the crops in the world by the providential hand of the Lord.”

Kilgore Police Chief Todd Hunter shared the evening message by starting with Churchill’s quote and reminding those in attendance of the sacrifice given by recalling those who lost lives on D-Day, WWII and all the other wars and of the sacrifice of all the families who sent loved ones to protect.

“For those who don’t know history,” Hunter said, “God’s hand was on each day leading up to D-Day. There were so many obstacles against them even the weather stopped them from invading on the original day planned. We must ask ourselves where we would be if D-Day had not taken place,” he said. “Churchill’s words were correct, history does repeat itself; we cannot afford to forget.” His talk included warning of a slow erosion moving across our country much like what had happened in Europe.

Hunter wrapped up by saying, “We must take up the sword and teach others how to get involved. Pray for our nation and pray for those in congress led by God.”

AIR FORCE VETERAN Erskin Watson was in attendance at the Wednesday evening service. He has been of member of Forest Home for 48 years. A military family, Erskin’s uncle, Arnold Waller served in the Navy during the D-Day invasion. Erskin served in the Korean War from 1951-1955 and he had a brother that was a 2 -Star General and a nephew that is a 2 Star General in the U. S. Army. He currently has two grandsons serving in the military. One in the Army and one who has already served over 15 years in the Marine Corp. All are dedicated Christians. We appreciate them and all our military for their service and their sacrifice to our country.

TRIPPING OUT TO BRANSON recently was Jean Robertson, Ferol Whitfield and her daughter Valerie Myers.

“While in Branson, we saw the play called Samson,” said Jean. “It was wonderful and amazing to see him bring down such huge pillars. We also enjoyed a Cole Cooper musical and did the normal things like shop and eat while there,” she said. “We went to a mystery dinner theater and we thought it was going to be like a comedy theater. But, it was a mystery with clues and diners had to figure out killed the tax payer. It was a lot of fun and Valerie participated in the mystery.”

“Five miles on the outskirts of Branson was Top of the Rock scenic mountain and trails that everyone rides golf carts around to the caves. There were 9 caves total and beautiful waterfalls. It was gorgeous and so-o restful. The Ancient Ozarks Natural History Museum was something we toured. The museum started with cavemen and went through the Civil War and I found it very interesting. The trip as a whole was very enjoyable,” said Jean.

Always on the go, Jean, Ferol, Louise Harrison, Karen Harrison, Pam Pipkin and Anna Hamilton are planning a bus tour called In the Beginning during the month of October. It will begin with the Creation Museum and the Ark in Kentucky, Dollywood in Tennessee and other events and will finish up at the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman. The ladies will have much to tell upon their return.

“IS THIS the first time in the history of the newspaper that there has not been an obituary?” asked Mary Del Ogden through a phone call on Friday morning. “Do you realize there were none in Wednesday’s paper and I went back to the front page and checked the listing saying it was on page 4, but there were none on page 4,” she laughed. “I have been taking this paper for 79 years and reading the obituaries every time and this was the first for me.”

We can’t account for it being first time, quite unusual we know, but she was right – there were no obituaries in the Wednesday, June 5, 2019 Kilgore News Herald to report.

May His Love and Laughter fill your hearts and your homes throughout the week. We may be reached at 903-984-2593 or


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