Linda K. Ballard

Linda K. Ballard

Oh, for the love of modern technology. There is nothing like sitting in a restaurant and watching a woman (much younger than your are) toss their new cell phone across the room and with much frustration clearly stating “modern technology is so frustrating!”

“I can relate!” I answered after a day of paying charges because none of my passwords to various accounts were being accepted just to learn after an hour of such, that I had closed actually closed one account with a particular insurance company after all... thank God. The remarks and looks on the faces of other diners were in complete agreement with us both.

MORE THAN technical difficulties could be found with Texas travelers as warned on TxDOT’s digital signs, especially in the Houston area through the Christmas holidays. At least the officials let you know they had it in good with that big guy in the red suit as the signs read: “He Sees You When You’re Buckled/He Knows When You Drive Baked.” And for the new year across Texas you will see “Slow Down You’re Already in Texas” and “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.”

PROVING CHURCHES are more than a meeting place, recent poll results show that mental health improved for one group only of people during the coronavirus pandemic. That group was those who attended church regularly.

Gallup polled a little over a thousand Americans over the age of 18 from Nov. 5-19 and found that only those who attended religious services weekly saw a positive change between 2019 and 2020 in how they rated their mental health.

In 2019, 42 percent of Americans who attended religious services weekly rated their mental health as excellent, the poll showed. In 2020, 46 percent of Americans who attended religious services weekly rated their mental health as excellent — a percentage increase in rating their mental health as excellent. No other group saw an increase in rating their mental health as excellent.

MAYOR RONNIE SPRADLIN reports one of the highlights of his Christmas season was being invited to the outdoor gathering at the home of Debbie and Alan Van Doren to listen to The Purple Hulls, Katy and Penney Clark. He said, “Naturally the refreshments were excellent (the couple owns Downtown D’lites) and we actually could sing with celebrities because they sounded so good it would drown out those of us who couldn’t sing in a bucket if they had too...”

The Clarks are native Kilgoreites, which mean we all grew up with them and we couldn’t be any prouder of their success.

The Purple Hulls will be in concert at Tempest Golf Club on Saturday, Jan. 9. The concert starts at 6 p.m. with open seating available. Tickets may be purchased in advance for discounted rate or at the door. Tempest Golf is located at 568 E. Wilkins Road in Gladewater (off U.S. Texas 135 North in Kilgore). For table reservations, call (903) 984-5335.

IN KILGORE’S spotlight this week is Otoniel Macedo with Expert Lawn Care, who has been caught going beyond the call of duty in helping to keep Kilgore beautiful. He has been seen pulling weeds in the downtown flower beds, replanting flowers he didn’t like, killing weeds in the middle of the street on Commerce and planting daffodils after hours.

Even I called officials after 7 p.m. one evening asking if he had the right to be pulling plants out of the flower beds. Ontoniel does more than expected, and it is appreciated! Thank you, Otoniel!

THE most common resolutions for U.S. adults as we head into 2021 are doing more exercise (50 percent), losing weight (48 percent), saving more money (44 percent), improving diet (39 percent), and pursuing a career ambition (21 percent). If it sounds like the same old thing and you haven’t made your list yet, you might want to try what author Gretchen Rubin recommends — use a one word theme throughout the year such as bigger, smaller, move, delight. She chose the word “open” for 2021 to see how many times she could use it through the upcoming months. New ideas also include making a memory jar to add good things that happened each month to pull out and read at the end of the year and to see your dreams come true on a vision board.

IF you are bored or quarantined, check out Kilgoreite J. Karol Pruett’s “Good Night, Texas!” It is guaranteed to bring out the kid in you and to see just how good you are at locating 88 towns hidden within the story.

IT’s NEW on the market, and KNH staffer Donna Shupe brought them into the office to use us as guinea pigs. We are talking about cocoa bombs. These were made by Christie Milam with SC Sweets. The bombs looked like edible cupcakes, but inside the chocolate shell you will find chocolate mix and marshmallows. Once you drop the whole shell and all in warm milk or water, it quickly dissolves into fabulous hot chocolate. So delicious; you may want to stock a few for winter days ahead.

ALSO NEW in our area is the ID Life DNA testing offered at Gratton Chiropractic.

It is not a diet but an individual examination through your own DNA to discover the best options to stay healthy.

The test involves a cheek swab that you send off and in 3-4 weeks you received a 40 page report of how your body metabolizes food, recommended exercises designed to your physique, detailed genetic make-up and even what type of vitamins and supplements that your body needs to stay in shape.

Dawn Gratton, who has lost 40 lbs. since October after receiving her own DNA report, said “It is not a diet, but it teaches you how to balance the food you eat to the best benefit of your body. People don’t realize that because Chris is a chiropractor that he has extensive knowledge about health and how he has seen how destructive fad diets can be. He has now taken the DNA test and received his report. He will be putting his own to use starting in January. There are other people in Kilgore who have also seen positive results by using this program.”

To learn more about the ID Life, call (903) 218-5353 or stop by Gratton Chiropractic at 910 E. Main in Kilgore.

WHATEVER you choose, we hope technical difficulties is the least of your worries and 2021 is the very best.

May His love and laughter fill your hearts and your homes throughout the week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or (903) 984-2593.

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May His love and laughter fill your hearts and your homes throughout the week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or (903) 984-2593.


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