Linda K. Ballard

Linda K. Ballard

Perhaps it was a word said, perhaps it was a dream — but for whatever reason something occasionally comes along to “jar” or “shake loose” a memory about the past. Once that happens, it jars the memory of another and another to where, like puzzle pieces, the story falls into place. It happened last week to Kilgoreite Betty Baker, who began texting me about an incident that happened in the early 80’s.

She said, “I noticed the print shop has moved back to Main Street. Years ago, it was called Kwik Kopy and was located on Main Street. During noon hour, I worked at a pizza place that was located near the “Y.” Anyway, a woman called for a pizza to be delivered to quick copy on the main street going through town. I sent the pizza to Kwik Kopy on Main Street and no one there had ordered a pizza. In a little while, the woman inquired about the pizza. Told her I sent one and no one there knew anything. She said she was on her lunch break and worked a little further out of town and she was using the phone at quick copy on that main street through town. Again, I sent the driver out and no one at Kwik Kopy on Main Street.

As I was going home that afternoon, I passed the print shop (McAlister’s Printing) located on Henderson Boulevard. which is the main street through town... and on the window was printed “Quick Copies.” That poor lady never got her pizza, we lost her business and at the same time we both thought we were correct by thinking Kwik Kopy on Main Street, a “quick copy” on the main street through town.”

After hearing the story, C. J. Fertitta, owner of Kwik Kopy aka Kilgore Print Centre laughingly said, “That is just an example of what we deal with on a day-to-day basis with people not taking the time to adequately explain things. They know what they want and we can deliver, but they have a hard time explaining it.”

Kwik Kopy first opened in 1981 and was located at 218 E. Main and, within the first five years, expanded into the building next to it. In 1989-1990, the building that was originally the old Whackers Dime Store and Duncan Variety store became available to own, according to C.J.

He said, “We spent 18 months refurbishing it with electrical and re-designing for our operation, and it was good until 2006. Because of economics and our 25 year franchise agreement with Kwik Kopy lapsed, we changed the name and moved over to Rusk Street. Now, 40 years later, on September 2020, we moved back on Main Street.”

He added, “Basically, we solve problems and enjoy it. Today, we operate from high technology and who would have known thought that what started from cameras to typeset would get us to what we work with today. It has been an interesting process and allows us to do faster work and higher quality.”

And so a 40-year story unfolds due to a thought of pizza delivery. Someone needs to deliver one to Betty.

ALSO, THIS comes in from Glynda Harvey Hale, who posted a photo of a vehicle that has returned to their family. Her post read, “Betsy” is back home! We bought this little beauty brand new in 1976, the year (my daughter), Lyndi was born. We drove it all over England and Europe. We sold it in ’82 and bought it back a few years late. Charlie totally restored it then all the way down to the frame. Then we met a man from Bossier City in 2010 who talked us into selling it to him with the understanding that we could buy it back if anything happened to him. Unfortunately, Ray passed away in November, so his widow asked if we wanted it. We drove over there today and brought her home!”

“Betsy” is a 19776 1/2 VW Beetle convertible, Champagne edition. They only made 1,000 of them over a 3 year period (’76-’79).

Glynda said, It’s called Champagne because before then, all of the other Beetles had dark tops and this one was all white. We have lots of great memories in this care. I went to a flea market one day in England with our two girls who were about 5 and 3 and found six antique chairs that I had to own. We pulled the top down on the car, stuffed the girls and the chairs in and off we drove 10 miles back home. It was terribly cold, so we rolled the windows up as far as we could and turned the heater on full blast! We have so many stories regarding “Betsy!”

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May His love and laughter fill your hearts and your homes throughout the week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or (903) 984-2593.


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