Linda K. Ballard

Linda K. Ballard

It is the holidays, with winter fast approaching. There is nothing any better than a good book to read or to give as a gift. Publishing houses scramble to get the latest print edition into the marketing place and all boast of having the latest bestseller. Requests for an interview with the author or a review are also made to others in the journalism field, and that is exactly what happened lately as several requests from those “northern” states hit this “southern” gal’s desk.

She did what any other decent southern person would do — picked up the phone and called the nearest publisher to her locale and asked for their recommendation. Just so happened that the call went out to author/publisher and former Kilgoreite Caleb Pirtle II and before a complete sentence could be made, he was recommending a new release called “His Way” by Jim H. Ainsworth. Now, people in these parts of the woods kind of pay attention to what Caleb has to say, and before you could blink an eye the book was upon my desk.

Never judge a book by its cover — although the lone man sitting in the dark recesses of the night surrounded by fence railing of this one sure can pique your interest. And it is taught the first sentence to a good book is always a clincher to read further and the last sentence of each chapter is to entice you to read on into the next chapter and the next, and Jim did just that as he sets the scene in the small Texas town of Riverby and introduces you to characters, some you will like and some you will abhor as he twists their lives into an intricate plot of scandals and secrets. And somewhere while reading, you begin to wonder just how much fiction is really in this story and question what more can happen in this sleepy little town. The story ends well with a circle of friends, a cross, the remake of a song and the leaving of a man as mysteriously as he came. Caleb Pirtle was right; the book is an interesting read.

“His Way” is Jim H. Ainsworth’s ninth novel and is published by Christian Faith Publishing. It can be found at or A launch party for the book was held in Commerce on Wednesday.

“Well, there is a tree at Gabriel Jordan’s for the B&G Club kids, but the good news is than an “angel” came and picked up all the ornaments and will ensure that Santa brings every child exactly what they asked for! I love this city...,” said Pam DeCeault, Sr. VP, Vera Bank.

Speaking of the city — in a recent survey by LendEDU, Kilgore was nationally recognized as one of the fastest-growing cities that is still affordable for renters.

According to LendEDU there are two key things young adults are looking for in the city they will call home after college: affordable rent and a city’s potential for growth. The company analyzed nearly 30,000 American cities to see which ones fit the criteria.

The London Museum in New London is displaying vintage Santa items, from figurines to home decorations to publications of Clement C. Moore’s 1822 “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” better known today as “The Night Before Christmas.” There is even a 1950s View Master handheld slide projector and circular disc slides of scenes from Moore’s Yuletide classic. There is still never a fee to view the display. And the fountain is open and hot food served from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. And of course, the Museum is open for a modest charge.

COVID may have placed a damper on a lot of events, but it had nothing over the girls at Amazing Grace Floral during their holiday open house held on Nov. 20. Their work stations were lavishly decorated and filled with beverages, soups and hors d’ouevres for the guests. Socializing took place both inside and outside, and door prizes were given throughout the evening. The showroom held displays of unique gifts and new gift lines, including food and kitchen items. Norma Hunter, the owner said, “We were very pleased and plan on doing it again.”

May his love and laughter fill your hearts and your homes throughout the week. In the meantime, we may be reached at or (903) 984-2593.

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