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Celebrating his 49th year at Modern Barber Shop is Jerome Denmon (right) shown trimming the hair of a customer named Daniel. Jerome began work at the shop in 1971, under the ownership of Lynn Phillips. Today, the shop is co-owned by Jerome and James Holder.

At a time when calls are begging for relief from the massive bombardment of news regarding a virus spreading across the land, God weaved this message of hope through a string of Facebook postings reaching first a former high school classmate who then posted it to members of a Sunday school class and finally on into the KNH office. The posting came from Tammy LaNelle Moore. She said, “Some of you may or may not know that one of my jobs is working for a women’s and children’s home. I say home because we are more than a shelter. Over the years I have volunteered in several different shelters but one thing that is so different about Rahab’s (Retreat) is that they take on the challenges of the women that come in the home. One of those challenges is the fact that CPS (due to several different factors) has removed the children from the home.

I am one of the most observant individuals out there, always thinking and pondering; this can be good as an employee and this can be bad, but, I can honestly say that Rahab’s success rate on working with CPS and getting these children back in the arms of their mothers is huge…nothing like it.

Teresa Richenberger, Rahab’s administrator, makes a way for the mother to do what is necessary to get her babies back. This past week two of the mothers received their children back. I was blessed to be the one that opened the door to one of those children. I had to walk away due to the tears that came forth seeing his excitement. I say all this to let you know there is so much more good that is happening around us than the bad. Choose to see the good and not the gloom and doom of the world. God is the I AM! HE is the ‘I Am’ and that is all you need.”

Rahab’s Retreat & Ranch is a voluntary, faith-based program serving victims of sex-trafficking; those who have been physically, emotionally and sexually abused as well as those facing difficult challenges of addiction. Their office is located at 3607 Stone Rd. in Kilgore. If you would like to learn more they can be reached at 903-218-4985.

KILGORE PUBLIC LIBRARY featured a live stream with Marilyn Kitchens, the children’s librarian, who gave a visual update about the growing of the butterflies. Marilyn took the caterpillars home with her last weekend to babysit. She said, “They are growing so quickly, they may decide to hatch. As of Thursday this week, the caterpillars had spun into shiny chrysalises. According to Marilyn, in another week to ten days, they will transform into beautiful butterflies. A live story time also took place where she read “Dog’s Colorful Day.” If you miss Marilyn as much as she misses the children, you can catch up with her and the other librarians on the Kilgore Public Library’s Facebook page.

Kilgore Public Library may be closed to the public but you can still check out books by calling and giving them a list. The books will be deposited in a bag for pickup and placed in a green can at their back door. To return the books simply place them in the depository located near their parking area. The returned books go through a 3 day process of cleaning before they are ready to be checked out back out. Word has it this has kept them quite busy and pleased to know residents are using the resources found at the library.

RESIDENTS IN KILGORE have been on a bear hunt this week. It caught Dale Hedrick by surprise when he received a text from Kendyl McKay whom he fondly claims as the neighborhood granddaughter.

Dale said, “Kendyl said I might need to put up my bear as there was a bear hunt going on. Her mother, Jennifer explained it was something for the little kids who were tired of being inside the house. People were putting teddy bears in the windows so the parents could drive them by to look at them. Now, my bear is no little bitty bear and it was about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday evening when I received the request. I told my wife, Laura who was working up classes on the computer for her students about it and told her I could put it up the next day. She looked up from the computer and told me ‘or you could put it up tonight.’ So, here I am at 10 p.m. airing up a 10 ft. Christmas teddy bear for the kids to see. The next day, I went to run some errands and Laura called and let me know several car loads had already been by to look at the bear!”

CINDY GILMORE called to remind us it was time we put up the bird feeders. She said, “A hummingbird almost hit my shoulder while I was working the yard! I guess it was trying to tell me to get them out!”

JOY came to me this past week when I needed to call Pastor Lee Bryan at Living Word Church. Even though we don’t get to visit but a couple of times a year, when we do, the Bible verses, thoughts and ideas flow. I call him my kindred brother in Christ and I always tell him I call just to hear the spiritual message on his cell phone. This week he went right into Romans 8 and off we go, but curtailed it because we are both at work, but, at least I used it for Bible study that evening. The next morning, I thought, okay, people need past this pandemic and I picked up the phone and left him a message pertaining to such and telling him with laughter, I needed to know the verse of the day to help others through it. He promptly called back and said, “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me…Philippians 4:13” and went further. This time he caught me on the phone with another who was just as interested in what he had to say and so three of us had a good laugh and enough spiritual substance to go on for the remainder of the day. Like many pastors in smaller churches, Pastor Lee works outside of the church but his open Bible rides beside him. I am telling you this so you will know if you need to reach out to an unbiased ear, pick up the phone and call a pastor. I assure you a good visit, a good Bible verse for the day and a prayer will turn the worst of times into the best of times. If you call Pastor Lee tell him his kindred sister sent you his way. Pastor Lee Bryant can be reached at 903-720-9002.

During a conversation about old remedies that worked, Eddy Holley said, “You know, what we are dealing with almost reminds you of what used to be called croup.” Croup is caused by viruses that can be spread easily through coughing, sneezing and respiratory secretions and you are contagious for 3 days. What was used for the croup? Honey, lemon and for the older ones, a hot toddy…just saying.

May His Love and Laughter fill Your Hearts and Your Homes Throughout the Week. In the meantime, we may be reached at 903-984-2593 or



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