All the world’s a stage, they say, and the Longview World of Wonders children’s museum and creative center became a stage this week as Texas Shakespeare Festival actors led a “World of William” creative arts day camp for children.

On Tuesday, TSF actors and directors led young thespians through a variety of activities, from warm-up games to costume use and a history lesson.

“We also do workshops like this, going out into the community to teach people about theater and about the plays that we do and also about theater in general. It’s a really, really fun part of my job to get to do, to have artists like this that come from all over the place to do these shows and put on these workshops,” said Matthew Simpson, TSF’s associate artistic director and director of development.

Simpson is also directing Shakespeare’s “As You Like It” in this summer’s season.

To begin the workshop, Simpson and his fellow actors led the campers through a series of vocal and physical warm-ups to teach them how professional actors protect and train their voices.

After warm-ups, TSF director, actor and writer Grace Abele told campers about her original children’s play “The Girl Who Cried Throgmonster”, premiering this season.

The actors formed a circle to tell campers about the characters they will portray in the play.

Lauren Ufkes told campers about finding the right accent for her character, Roman Kyle talked about having fun with his performance and Emily Chang explained how her character used physical movement to express her intentions.

Following the introductions, the actors led the campers through the day’s activities, which included an improvisational acting class, a history lesson on the War of the Roses, costume creation, a lesson on Macbeth, symbolism and “potion” creation and the use of costumes and props to set the scene.

“The Girl Who Cried Throgmonster” will premiere July 17 at 10 a.m. in the Van Cliburn Auditorium at Kilgore College. Tickets are available at or by calling the ticket office at 903-983-8601.


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