The turf at R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium (left) will have to thaw quite a bit before the next Kilgore High School soccer games are played there. KHS soccer, both boys and girls, are scheduled to resume games on Saturday and Monday. The icy rescheduled action will mean a heaping helping of soccer in one week. Kilgore High’s diamond teams are also waiting out the ice and snow; aren’t we all?

Here's your Wednesday afternoon updates as the Kilgore area deals with ice, snow and freezing temperatures.

Kilgore remains under a winter weather warning through Thursday mid-day.

The City of Kilgore remains on Stage 3 water restrictions, but the city said residents' current conservation efforts are working.

"Your efforts are starting to pay off, but we're not through with this yet. If there are homes or businesses near you that may not be occupied, take a walk by and see if you see water running out from under the door or the foundation," the city posted on Facebook. "If you find a leak, your neighbor will thank you for calling it in. We've found dozens of homes and businesses with water pouring out from inside where the owner had no idea. Please help out by conserving and looking around to help locate leaks. If you see something, please call it in at (903) 984-5081."

Kilgore-area schools are going remote for most or the rest of the week.

If you need a warming center, there are ones set up at First Baptist Church in Kilgore or the Overton Community Center.

Some grocery stores and gas stations are open if you need them.

Kilgore police are also asking residents to stay off the roads because they are getting more treacherous.

"Very dangerous conditions on our roadways all around town, so stay home if at all possible," KPD said on Facebook. "It's so thick now on our roadways our efforts are futile. The shelter is set up at First Baptist if you need a warming center or a place to stay the night. We have a list of people with 4x4's assisting with citizens travel needs. Thankfully the city has power. Meanwhile, I'm still getting calls about my car warranty. Stay safe folks!"

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