Kilgore ISD will not have school or remote learning Tuesday as the city continues to suffer water challenges, Superintendent Andy Baker said.

The district's cafeterias will offer grab-and-go meals Tuesday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Kilgore High School and Chandler Elementary.

Baker said an announcement about Wednesday's classes will be made Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Kilgore College said it would resume normal operations on Tuesday.

Kilgore College classes will return to 'normal' on Tuesday, Feb. 23, since building have been reopened for instruction on both campuses, according to a note on the school's website.

For the Kilgore campus, the school is asking people to bring bottled water/sodas if they want something to drink because the city is still under a boil notice. They are also encouraging people to use hand sanitizer after washing their hands.

The college also notes that the water is shut off at the KC-Longview's Hendrix Building, so students, faculty and staff can access restrooms in the cosmetology building or the Longview North building.

Leverett's Chapel ISD said it would be closed Tuesday but anticipates being back in classrooms on Wednesday.

"The school has been informed that the LC water needs one more day to test everything before everyone is back in school using the restroom facilities," the district said. "For this reason, the school will be closed on Tuesday, February 23rd. We are very confident everything should be back to normal by Wednesday. Another message will be sent out tomorrow to let everyone know about Wednesday. Thank you to our parents for your patience and understanding during this time period."

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