Skateboarders will enjoy their favorite hobby in Kilgore Saturday at the Skate & Art Demo at Kilgore Skate Park.

The event is being hosted by Trejo Boards, a local skateboard design and art business. Tamarisk Trejo, owner of Trejo Boards, said the event is intended to give skateboarders and community members a chance to come together and enjoy the local skateboarding facilities.

“This will be my third or fourth event at Kilgore Skate Park. My son went to high school in Kilgore and so did my ex-husband. We’re big pushers for the skate park,” Trejo said, adding she and her son, Jordan Rogers, had visited skateboarding and extreme sports events around the country. She decided to move to Kilgore to keep her son’s dream of supporting skateboarding in Kilgore going.

“We have a great following and a great community. It’s a great thing,” she said.

Trejo also supported the construction of a skate park in Longview.

The event will include a DJ and food. Local artists and vendors, as well as Zumiez, a clothing and skateboard gear store, will attend.

“The three previous events were skate competitions. This is going to be a game skate, like a game of ‘Horse’. Someone does a trick and if they really enjoy it, they have to follow it. We’re also going to have prizes.”

Trejo started her business in 2012 when she decided to start making skateboards for locals. She orders Canadian maple wood from a company in Santa Monica, California, for the boards and designs art for them as well.

She pursued skateboarding and art as a way of dealing with a difficult medical diagnosis.

“I have multiple sclerosis,” she said.

“The skateboarding thing is my passion. It started as my son’s thing. Baylor (Medical Center) pushed for me to paint. They said you come to life when you do that. I decided I’m not going to be an accountant anymore, I’m just going to do Trejo Boards.”

She hopes the event will show the community how great skateboarding can be.

“We’re really trying this time to get more people to come and see that skateboarding is an art form. What these boys do is amazing. Local artists will come and set up any type of art. I’m hoping to have a good turnout.”

She’s thankful for the support of the city in creating the skate park.

“Kilgore has been really wonderful for us. We’re very passionate about Kilgore. They totally put money into this thing.”

She said a big part of her therapy for MS was “finding her joy” and it is that joy that keeps her working hard designing and creating skateboards for passionate fans.

Her son is another reason for her to continue supporting the local skateboarding scene.

“He’s the reason I keep it going and all of his friends call me Mama Trejo,” she said.

The event kicks off Saturday, Aug. 31, at 4 p.m. at the city park. To learn more about Trejo Boards, visit


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