Brass knuckles

No knuckle sandwiches, please.

Kilgore ISD school board opted to keep brass knuckles, also known as “knuckles” or “knuckledusters”, on the list of items prohibited on local campuses. This was in response to the recent passage of House Bill 446, which removes brass knuckles from a list of weapons prohibited in Texas.

Brass knuckles are metal objects designed to fit over the fingers of a clenched fist, making punches or hand strikes more dangerous.

Assistant Superintendent Richard Nash addressed the issue Monday during a school board presentation on the 2019-2020 KISD Student Code of Conduct.

“One of the things…talks about House Bill 446, which removes ‘knuckles’ from the list of prohibited weapons unless you, as the district, want to keep it. We kept it,” Nash said.

“We’re recommending we keep it,” added Superintendent Dr. Andy Baker.

Several board members laughed at the idea of removing the weapons from a list of items prohibited on campuses.

“I mean, really?” asked trustee Dereck Borders.

Borders added Texas’ removal of brass knuckles from prohibited weapons lists had made national news and Baker said he’d heard the same but not the reason for the change.

“It seems silly,” he said.

Nash said the Code of Conduct had also added specific language to address the prohibition of e-cigarettes and vaping devices on school campuses. The school will also create a campus threat assessment teams to work on improving school safety.

The Code of Conduct also includes updated language prohibiting the use of restraints as a form of punishment for students. Corporal punishment is still allowed but students cannot be restrained for disciplinary purposes.


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