Update 12:30 p.m.: The City of Kilgore says all water has been taken.

Original Post: The City of Kilgore will begin distributing emergency bottled water beginning at 10 a.m. as the city continues to suffer from inadequate water pressure and a boil water notice.

The distribution will be behind Brookshire's, 747 U.S. 259 Business. Drive between the pharmacy window and the fuel station and through the driveway behind the store toward Texas 42. All cars will exit onto Texas 42.

Those who need water and absolutely cannot make it can send a message to the city's Facebook page or call the non-emergency police number at (903) 903-983-1559, option 1.

"Please check on your elderly neighbors or loved ones and let’s take care of each other. We love you Kilgore!" the city said.

The city is continuing to urge residents to severely conserve water as it works to build up pressure in the system.

"In the last 2 hours we have lost nearly all of the headway we made with the water system today," the city posted in a note late Friday. "Please, no showers, no laundry, no baths, and shut off your faucets. Please be patient so the system can recover. We know it was exciting to have water pressure again, and many people went back to using water and running their faucets. But this has likely added another day to the timeline of the boil water notice. Please conserve water so our system can catch up."

The city is also asking residents to check their homes for possible water leaks.

"The next phase of water conservation includes fines for excessive consumption. We all want to avoid getting there, so please do your part and stop using water unless absolutely unavoidably critically necessary," the city said.

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